Silver Linings


The other day I was thinking a lot about perspective, and I decided the best way to deal with all the challenges I’m facing is to try to constantly shift my perspective.  Sometimes I feel like I have the worst luck ever! Last week I was texting one of my closest friends about all the things going on right now, and she said “if I didn’t know you personally, all of this would seem like an exaggeration!” It made me laugh, because when I thought about it, my life does sound pretty well-imagined if you break it down into bullet points.

Our medical issues alone take up a good portion of my daily routine. My son has a torn labrum in his shoulder. He needs surgery right after football season. Meanwhile the next son down has crooked feet because of an extra bone in his ankles, and he needs a surgery. This summer we had one kid with a broken leg, one kid with stitches, one kid in and out of the hospital, and one kid who was jealous that she’s never been to the emergency room. I have the lovely diabetic prescription collection, and even Blondie is facing a hurdle with a tumor on her liver. The list of referrals to specialists just keeps growing!

I told my friend that maybe next week I’ll be normal, and have some normal problem- like a blister on my toe. Of course, she said “No, your blister would be a rare form of toe-eating cancer because you’re Tiffany and nothing normal happens to Tiffany….” So since I can’t seem to have any normal problems, I will just have to find a new way to look at the ones I have. Maybe I can add ‘medical consumer’ to my resume now that I’ve made a second career out of phoning nurses, receptionists, referral coordinators, outpatient service providers, and insurance companies! If I hired a secretary to do these calls for me, she could probably book a solid 40 hour week for months! So instead of being frustrated, I will remind myself that I have just sharpened my administrative skills far beyond what any classroom could teach about the art of medical paperwork!

Speaking of paperwork, my table is covered in piles and piles of it. I can’t seem to figure out what to do with any of it. Most of them are bills. For the first time in many years I have actually overdrawn my bank account. For some reason, when I was younger and this happened, I didn’t take it personally. I just knew we were poor and that was that. This time, I do take it a little more personally. I feel like I have let myself down- I’ve failed because I’ve made an art of out living broke. I always know exactly what week I’ll have to cash in the change jar to make ends meet. This month, they aren’t gonna meet. Probably won’t meet in October either. But again, I just have to refocus my perspective. I’m going to add juggler to my resume, because if I get through the next 8 weeks, I will be the world’s greatest juggler- In fact, I’ll bet Barnum and Bailey will be looking for me if I pull this off!

I've always wanted to join the circus!

I’ve always wanted to join the circus!

So now I’m a gold star administrative assistant, a world class juggler, and to top it all off: a two-time turtle-rescuer!

A few years ago I visited my sister in Oklahoma and we found some baby turtles.They were teeny-tiny!!


These 3 babies turtles fit in in the bottom of a cup!

I brought two of them home to reside at the Prestridge Zoo. They’re well-loved! Last week one of them escaped. I searched the entire house, but I couldn’t find her anywhere. I had started to give up hope… in fact, I was beginning to think there might just be a cat to blame!

Then this weekend our town got seven inches of much-needed rain in a few short hours, and a log some little boys threw against the back of the house caused rain water to pool up- flooding my bedroom and the laundry room. I was really upset that I had to clean all that mess up. Just as I loaded the last of the sopping wet towels into the washer, I saw a little turtle crawling across the floor. The flood water that had me so frustrated also brought the silver lining to my clouds and now my missing little turtle was found!

♪♫ Reunited and it feels so good! ♫♪

♪♫ Reunited and it feels so good! ♫♪

I just have to keep looking at the bright side of things!


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