Sleeping in her car…


Blondie spent her first few days away from home learning what the world really is like. She had to sleep in her car more than once. Of course, I would rather her sleep in her nice warm bed under this perfectly safe roof, but I knew her journey was going to include a few growing pains if she was really going to soar above us oneday, so I advised her to park in a safe, well-lit place where there were lots of cameras watching… I was thinking SHOPPING CENTER!! I couldn’t believe I was giving my 18 year old advice on how to safely sleep in a car, but I was.

Finally, Friday rolled around and I had enough money, or I took enough money out of our weekly bill budget to send her $100, enough to get a hotel room just as the snow began to fall. She texted me a silly picture of her head peeking through the shower curtain of the hotel! “First real shower in 3 days!” It said. My beautiful child had learned to appreciate the simple joys in life, like washing her hair.

She and Clarissa settled into their hotel room, got nice and warm, and we talked endlessly about her plans to play at Tootsie’s again. She had been there the first day she got to Nashville and she wasn’t going to give up. They offered her an audition the following day. I went to bed saying “you got this” and I knew in my heart that she really did.

A few of my friends and family members scolded me for letting her go, but more than I ever dreamed, I got message after message wishing her luck. I even got this little note in the mail from one of our family members, and attached to it was a check for $50.


Talk about pitching in to make the dreams happen!! So many people commented on how brave they thought she was to go off and take her chances. Even more people shared the my belief that she could totally make it happen. A few local musicians who have traveled that path offered up their best wishes and closest contacts. It’s like the entire town is cheering her on. I could hear the echo of her singing Miranda Lambert “I dreamed of going to Nashville, put my money down and placed my bet…” I thought about how quickly the years passed since she belted that out at her 8th grade pep rally with cheerleaders dancing along…

I finally drifted off to sleep, knowing she was safe and sound. At midnight, my phone rang. Now, as any mother knows, when your babies aren’t home, you don’t sleep as hard. The slightest bump in the night awakens you to question if they’re alright. So when the phone rang so late, panic crept into my heart for a moment, but then I heard a bubbly little voice on the other end of the line…

“Mom, I wrote two new songs tonight!” She was beaming! “Let me play them for you…” And the strumming of her guitar filled the airwaves.

The first song, I quickly deciphered, was her goodbye to the boyfriend she left behind. “We both knew oneday I’d have to fly away” and I thought to myself, I tried to warn that poor boy- I knew she wasn’t gonna stick around this little town for long. The second one was her new anthem “who knew we’d get this far, even though we were sleeping in the car, we’re on our way…” and I felt her determination building.

“Sha-la-la-la-la-la-la, we’re on our way!”

“Go to sleep Sunshine, tomorrow is a big day” I said as I blew kisses through the phone. “She’s got this!” I reminded myself…

     To be continued…


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