972 Phone Calls


Her first night in Nashville, Blondie saw ZZ Top and Kid Rock, not bad for a first night! She was cold, and tired, but the music kept calling to her. She had only been gone 3 days when I realized her Daddy had already racked up 972 phone calls to her. He called to see what she had for breakfast, he called to see if she ate dinner yet, he called to see if she’s spotted any famous people, he called to see if she was playing her music, and he called to see if his baby girl needed a pep talk- but most of all, he called to hear the voice that has filled our home with sunshine all these years.

Did I mention he called so she could FaceTime with her best friend, the famous 3 legged lucky dog, Trixie!!

Did I mention he called so she could FaceTime with her best friend, the famous 3 legged lucky dog, Trixie!!

When he started to think maybe he’d called too much, he told me to call instead. “Have you talked to her? Did she get the job?” He must have asked me a hundred times on Saturday.

“I don’t know anything yet, but don’t worry, she’s applied for many jobs already.” I kept reassuring him that she wasn’t going to sit still and wait for things to happen. She had already told me that in addition to trying to get herself a spot at Tootsie’s, she had applied for jobs as a waitress and a hostess all up and down Broadway. She was determined to get into the heart of Music City.

Her audition time came and went. We waited on pins and needles. The day passed and she didn’t know how it had panned out. Her Daddy was more nervous that she was. Sunday came and went and she went about the new routine she had formed- apply for jobs, stop in at Tootsie’s, apply for more jobs, eat a dollar burger, look for more jobs, say hello at Tootsie’s, get a 99 cent taco, try to plan out the next day, and hit the sack. She was confident that things were going to work out. I told her to be a Tootsies-stalker if she had to. I said “If that’s really where you want to be, don’t take no for an answer!”

By Monday, she had big news. “Uncle John (aka John Taylor, managing partner of Tootsie’s) is putting me in Honky Tonk School!”

Yay! Our baby went to college after all!

Now, what is Honky Tonk School, you’re wondering… well, it’s a chance to be submerged in the music, to play at different venues, and to learn to make a living doing what she loves. It’s a chance to follow her dream. (Click on the link and you can check it out more.)

In less than a week, Blondie found her a spot at Tootsie’s! She plays there almost every day. The best part? As a “student” of Honky Tonk School she is broadcast live on the webcam all the time. I watched Blondie graduate high school with 85 other kids, and I see those parents in the grocery store, and I know this town is full of mama’s who wish they could have a sneak peak into the day of their college freshmen, and I know just how lucky I am! I get to peak at my baby all the time. I get to see what she’s doing, and how she’s growing as an artist, and what she’s learning.

I even get to see her dance on tables every now and then! Now there are some mama’s who wouldn’t wanna know their daughter danced on a table, but I couldn’t be more proud!

How many moms get to spend their day "Screen Shotting" the live feed of the teenager in action? That's what I do!!

How many moms get to spend their day “Screen Shotting” the live feed of their teenager in action? That’s exactly what I do!!

She carved herself a niche in Nashville, now will she have what it takes to stay there?

To be continued………..


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