Meanwhile, back at the Zoo…


While Blondie is in the middle of chasing her big dreams, finding a spot to sing and carving out a new life, things in the zoo are changing too. It is a bitter sweet experience to pack your child’s things into boxes, and prepare to send all their stuff out of the house. Sure, we could use the room to spread out the other kids a little more, but there’s something so quiet about the emptiness of her absence.

Our house has always been loud and rambunctious and spunky! Our house has been the battle ground for karaoke wars and the place where all the neighborhood kids eat up the fruit snacks and help build forts in the back yard with my new blankets. But Daddy is getting older and we all know Daddy’s get grumpier with age, and Blondie is definitely the only one who could say “Dad, chill…”

So, now that she’s in Nashville, the house seems to be taking on a different vibe. Everyone seems to notice she’s gone. Her dog is sleeping under her bed, whining at the door, and wagging her tail in a fury whenever we mention the name “Hannah”. I knew the dog would miss her, but the little kids, well I thought they’d be too busy fighting over her room to notice she was gone.

Sissy Sings

Sissy Sings

Then a little voice came to me asking for an envelope. “Mama, I’m going to send all of my money to Hannah. I don’t want her to sleep in her car!” By now she was already safe and sound in a hotel room, but something about the pure love in that gesture broke my heart in the happiest of ways. So Jordan penned an old fashioned letter to his big sissy and put his life’s savings inside.

Missing Sissy

Missing Sissy

It may be 84¢, but like my sister said on Instagram, that 84¢ will be multiplied to make all her dreams come true! That 84¢ has gone a long way in telling me some of my dreams have come true.

It was about a year and a half ago that I was struggling so hard to bond our children. I felt like there was a division between the children I started with and the children we adopted. It was like there was a permanent tug-of-war going on. Then we went on the vacation to celebrate our adoption, and it was like magic. I think we just all needed to get out there and have some fun and decompress. We needed to cut up and splash each other in the ocean and play words games in the car and be stuck for hours without TV’s or video games. It was that vacation that gave our Blondie her first taste of Nashville.

I can’t say that vacation fixed it all and we became the Brady Bunch lickety split, but that vacation certainly put us on a better road, and I’m really glad the other kids got to take part in Blondie’s maiden voyage to Music City. I’m glad they have a mental image for where she’s gone to, because they miss her. Jordan’s 84¢ started a chain reaction and before long we had a collection of letters to send to Sissy.

IMG_20131130_232400 IMG_20131130_234022 IMG_20131130_232630

And as luck would have it, Blondie got herself an address, so we have somewhere to send them! So now we log in every day to watch her sing her heart out, ( in the Back Room from 11am – 2pm most days); what other moms get to say that? We get to peak at her new life, we get to see her chase her dreams, and if everything works out the way we hope it will, we’re planning a little road trip over Christmas vacation to see our Sunshine again. Yep, time to gas up the big ugly van, we’re headed to Nashville…

                                                  ………………… to be continued…………………..


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  1. Awe … those kinds of changes are hard … especially the first time around. By the time you get to number 4 like me … you will be an old pro. Even a little glad to see them go. Not in a bad way glad, but by then you will enjoy seeing the new rhythm of their lives develop. Many blessings on the peace of your house.

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