Another Year Gone….


This is the blog I started on last Saturday, but as life in the zoo would have it, I’m just now getting to post it! Things are getting pretty crazy around here…

Maybe I should be calling my blog “Life WithOUT Blondie” because she’s fourteen hours away, but at this very moment I am logged in to like I do every chance I get. It’s a lot of fun being able to stalk your teenage daughter via webcam! Especially on her birthday…

Today she’s 19 years old! Wow. Another year gone! The past few weeks I spent making her a piece of art for her apartment. Now, don’t get too excited, it’s not for sale. I’m sure it would beckon millions on EBay and my financial woes would finally be over, but this was a special gift just for her!

It started out as something kind of like this:

Is there a Picasso of gourd painters?

Is there a Picasso of gourd painters?

The first one I picked up immediately reminded me of a guitar, and I thought it would make a cute 1st Apartment knick-knack, so I started to paint.


Gourds are stained by the mold that grows on them, and it just reminded me so much of the Spalted Maple her guitar is made of.

I spent many hours reflecting on the years that led us to this place in time. The more I painted, the more I thought of how much has changed over the years. I think maybe it was a little bit therapuetic.


I tried to put every detail I coud imagine into this guitar, and as I twisted the strings into the different thicknesses, I wondered if she would notice all the little details, or if they wouldn’t even occur to her, either way, I think I enjoyed making it so much that creating it was a gift to me!

Then just a few days before her birthday, I took it home. I placed it on a shelf up high so that I could have time to clear coat it and mail it off to her. OF COURSE it wasn’t going to be that simple- NOT in our ZOO!

Jordan quickly spotted the little guitar and somehow climbed up to the top of the bookshelf to retrieve it. As Blondie’s first ever guitar student, he’s the kid who I vote most likely to pick up the pickin’ habit. And so he did, he plucked every single string until they promptly popped off!

Talk about MAD! I was so upset I couldn’t even see straight. I asked him what possessed him to get down the one thing I said NOT TO TOUCH, but his sad little face told me that no other punishment was necessary. He already felt bad enough to learn his lesson…

I set it aside for the rest of the night, trying not to think about it. The next morning, I tackled the job of fixing it, clear coating it, and getting it ready to send off.


I sent it on the perfect day for it to reach her on her birthday! Of course I threw in a few trinkets from home, some new leapard boots, and a card that said “sorry, you’re all grown up. No slumber party this year, but you still get a few presents from good ole Mom and Dad…”

(She was hoping to come home for a week long birthday celebration until the reality of a job and bills thwarted her carefree plans!)

I’m not sure she’ll ever know how much love went into my little art project, or how many hours I spent thinking of how special she is to me, or how many times I silently prayed for her as I painted, asking that she be watched over and kept safe, and that her dreams never stop shining as bright as she does, but I do know this: the little guitar sits on her table, and sometimes, she picks it up and plays with it.


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  1. Awe … It is so tough when the first ones go away. Hahaha … that makes me sound bad, but I know I felt the same way when I made my youngest daughter picture books of her high school years to take with her to college. I cried a lot. 😀

  2. Impressive. All that chaos and still you manage to create such a magical thing from an ugly old gourd!

    Sorry I can’t catch up on all of your posts–I’m just trying to make an effort to let you know I’m still alive, kicking, and thinking of you!

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