Cupcakes Instead


Nothing goes right in our house, even when the best intentions are put forth. The other day I had one of those dreadful doctor appointments and I came home exhausted. One of my little twins brightened the mood right up when he showed me his new love for scrubbing pots and pans! I think it was the new pair of gloves hanging over the sink that drew him in, but I’m happy to share the latex if someone else is gonna wash a few dishes!

As soon as news spread that someone made Mommy super proud, the urge to help out was like wild fire burning through the zoo. Next thing I knew the dishwasher was loaded and a basket of laundry was brought in and I even heard someone say “what can I do to help you Mommy?”

Holy Moly I was in heaven! We cooked dinner while the dishwasher hummed along. I made plates and we all set down to say our prayers. I gotta say, the prayer was quite impressive that night. Tucker was thankful for the technology we rely on while Trenton was grateful for garlic bread! I was really amused by the things they were saying when I heard someone shout “bubbles everywhere!”

Yikes! Turns out that someone put dish soap in the dishwasher, and quite a bit of it! So much for a load of freshly washed towels! The entire kitchen got a foam bath and I had the privilege of explaining why we don’t use dish soap in the dish washer! Their baffled expressions were priceless.

I couldn’t be mad; I’m the one who told them it was time they start helping out more! At least they’re trying…

Seems like the older they get, the funnier they become. Jayden has been especially witty lately. At Christmas when we all had the flu, he crawled in my lap and said “today is your lucky day!”

“Really?” (I wondered how my 100° fever made it a lucky day.)

“Yep! I’m all out of energy! ”

He was right. I was lucky that he was out of energy to run wild because I was certainly out of energy to go chasing after him!


Too sick to run outside but never too sick for selfies with Mommy's phone!

A few days later we were walking through Walmart when he looked at me and said “I wanna be a midget when I grow up!”

“You wanna be what?!?!”
“I wanna be a midget.”
“Why’s that? !”
“So I don’t have to eat anymore vegetables.”

He was pretty matter-of-fact about it.

“So growing up big and strong isn’t on your to – do list anymore?” I teased.

“Nah- I just wanna have cupcakes instead! ”


Cupcakes instead… hmmmmm… he’s definitely put some thought into this. I wonder, would that be less dishes in the sink? Maybe this could be negotiable….


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