Be mine ♡♡


     There was only one Valentine’s Day I have ever truly loved. I was 23 years old. I had been on bed-rest for 7 weeks. Ask any pregnant lady on bed-rest and they will tell you,  those weeks are multiplied like dog years!

     Finally on Valentine’s Day, I had to break the rules.  I had to get out of the house.  So I made my husband take me to the Sweetheart Dinner at the church.
     While we were eating shish-ka-bobs and rice pilaf I told Sean “I’m having this baby this week. ” Boy did he laugh at me! “More like next month!!”
     He was absolutely sure he was right.  I mean he had a due date on his side.  But I knew my little pickle was as ready as I was. So I let Daddy gloat and tell me I had a long way to go. That was on a Sunday.
     Monday I went to the doctor and she agreed.  My pre-eclampsia was pretty bad and my baby was pretty big- time to put me out of my misery! 
So that Wednesday morning at 6am modern technology started my labor. Twelve hours! It took that kid 12 hours to go along with my plans! But when he finally decided to get with the program my heart exploded!

I named him Sean Dylan – which meant “a gift from God; faithful and true! ” Since Sean is his Daddy’s name we planned to call him Dylan. My little niece Cheyenne named him Dyl Pickle- and so there he was! My gift from God. My little Dyl pickle.
Growing up with 5 sisters- there were only girls in my family. When I found out I was having a boy I was so shocked I cried! My husband my father were tickled pink- make that blue! But I didn’t know what I would do with a little boy.


I couldn’t paint his nails or put ribbons in his hair. He wasn’t going to wear my handmade dresses to school. How would this ever work?
Turns out- those tears were quickly forgotten. He was my snuggle bunny! He cuddled with me every day until he learned to drive! (Which was the same week he learned to walk!)

He was Blondie’s best friend!

Then one day mud became more fun than mom-

I think he still likes mud more than me. (MUD never says “Do your homework! “) But even though he thinks I’m being dramatic when I say his grades are important and even though he refuses to clean his room until the science experiment growing under the bed starts moving, he still melts my heart!
Luckily not all of his childhood sweetness is lost. He still watches Monster’s Inc with me if I ask him to.

As long as there’s not a hill of mud calling his name!

I guess from here on out its all driver’s licenses and dates and old trucks to work on, but when I was sitting in the car marveling at the fact that a girl had asked him to dinner on Valentine’s Day, I thought about that Valentine’s dinner long ago when I knew his birth was just days away. He was the best thing that could ever be mine!

Happy birthday son! Lucky you the computer is in the shop and I didn’t have more embarrassing pictures to post!


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