Hey Yu


Dear Yu,

I know we’ve had our ups and downs, but to be honest, I thought we had moved past them. I thought we were through the bad times. I didn’t expect perfection, I didn’t think every single day would run smoothly, but I thought for sure, we’d hit all the major road blocks.

Have I been perfect? No… I know, I let feet crawl all over you. Sometimes I left papers scattered everywhere. Once in a while you had to deal with a child who peed their pants, but what about all the good things I’ve done?

I filled you with brand new fluids and hooked you up with a set of 10-ply tires and then my sweetheart of a son gave you that amazing new sound system. We kept you polished up and no one could even tell that you were 12 years old and that you had put 200,000 miles under your belt. We fixed the squeaks and tightened the rattles. And that’s not all…

The most important part is that we’ve loved you. The whole family loves you. I love you. I accepted you for who you are. I didn’t judge you for your blackened floor mats or the hole in the seat. I didn’t complain that your window tinting could use a redo. I just took you as-is and gave you all my love.


For an oldie, Yu sure still look like a Goodie!!

I didn’t give my attention to that Big Ugly Van, no it was always you that I wanted. Sure, sometimes you forced me to drive him, but I always came back to your shiny red body and worn in leather seats.

The Big Ugly Van has survived two trips to Tennessee, so I guess I shouldn't be so hard on him... it's just that, well, he's UGLY!!

The Big Ugly Van has survived two trips to Tennessee, so I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on him… it’s just that, well, how do I put it nicely???  He’s UGLY!!

Then last year, I thought I’d lost you. The diagnosis left me rattled. Transmission, that’s a tough one to recover from. But through the help of good friends, we got you all patched up and on the road again.

Did I take you for granted? I don’t think so. OK, sure, once or twice you were a little low on gas. OK, I’m lying, most of the time you’re a little low on gas, but every single pay day I fill you up! You have been priority #1 every time that paycheck hit my account. Doesn’t that mean something to you?

I don’t know if we can get through this twice. Some people say two transmissions is just too much. I checked the account, and it’s not looking too good. I’m not sure I can cover you again. BUT, I’m going to try. You don’t understand what a show of loyalty this is. I have friends that love their own Yu’s too, but then their Yu gets a little old, they see a model that’s a bit younger, with a few less miles, and they just TRADE IT IN! Can you believe this?! They just let some dealership take away the friend that has taken them every where! They just start over. That’s not me. They make new friends, I keep the old! Who needs silver, I believe you’re the GOLD.

I know, I’ve got Big Ugly over there, and he’s waiting to save the day. He loves to put up and down and show off all his stickers from that vacation we took together, but he’s not you! He doesn’t have the broken nobs and the peeling dash I have grown to love. He doesn’t purr like a kitten when I put the petal to the medal. I don’t imagine him outrunning some hot little number. I only do that with you.

So now I’m begging you to fight! You’ve got to get better. We’ve been down this road before, we can make it, I know we can. Don’t leave me with Big Ugly forever. I will drive him this weekend, but then I expect you to pull it together my friend. We’ve got roads to travel. We’ve got baseball and dance and softball and that trip to see the wildflowers, and the day at Chuck E Cheese neither of us really look forward too.  I need you! We’re not done yet…. If you leave me now, you’ll take away the fastest part of me… Yu, baby, please don’t go!!

Your “too broke to buy a new car” owner,


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  1. This is a very touching story indeed. I was faced with a dilemma last year where i had to go and buy a newer set of wheels as the pair i was driving, a 1986 Opel Kadette, it had like a lot of thousands of miles on it, and i really did want to keep it as it was as faithfull as can be, never missed a beat. But i had only one garage. Witch car stays outside? The old one, or the new one, so i was forced to sell the old car, it really was a sad day for me.

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