Bye Bye Bunny


So it was the Thursday before Easter when my little boy came home from school, bubbling over with excitement. I wondered why he was on cloud 9, and he quickly let me know he was overjoyed at the thought of Easter. I asked him if he knew what Easter was really about, (yes, he’s been told before, but he’s 6, so I was just checking for comprehension…) and he told me we were celebrating.

I didn’t get the feeling he quite understood exactly what we were celebrating. so I started talking about new life. You see, some parents are Anti-Santa and Anti-Easter Bunny in their Christian beliefs, and I can respect that. Some parents are all Santa Claus and Easter Bunny and never tell their children that Jesus is the reason for the Season. I don’t really understand that. I’m somewhere in the middle. I think it’s okay to have a little magic, some animation, as long as it used to illustrate the true story of Jesus. So I was pointing out that in spring the baby bunnies are born and the little chickens hatch and new life is all around us to remind us that HE rose from the dead. He spent three days in the tomb and the he rose to bring us new life, and every spring, our world is filled with new life all around us as a reminder of the blessed event.

Just then, with the most amazing timing, screams erupted from the back yard. Tears and cries came running in. The Zoo lost a cherished pet. Long story short, someone let the bunny out of her cage, she found her way to her favorite escape hatch (the dryer vent hole) and the neighbors dog was the one who found her. Yikes. I had a feeling that might happen someday. It’s not the dogs fault; it’s their nature to chase kitty cats and bunny rabbits, but it sure didn’t set well with the zoo crew.

RIP Daisy dear

RIP Daisy dear

So much for my lecture on new life and things renewing…. but then, in the midst of the flood of tears, Jordan found a mole! So then we had a little science experiment… we filled a box with dirt and watched again and again as the mole made record time digging to the bottom.

No MOLES were harmed in the making of this photo collage or in the digging of that box!

No MOLES were harmed in the making of this photo collage or in the digging of that box!


I guess that’s how life goes. You’re up, then you’re down, and then you have to pop up again. It’s just a circle. The only thing I can say is that NO BLONDIE, you MAY NOT SEND YOUR LITTLE BROTHER A NEW RABBIT.

Despite the recent departure, the zoo really is full, and there’s just no replacing our little friend. Lucky me, all bunnies go to Easter Bunny heaven where they magically return once a year to leave some chocolate in the front yard. Everybody knows that! Right?!!!




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