Now I’m Seeing Red


Every time I give myself a GOOD HEAPING DOSE of OPTIMISM, Murphy’s law comes along and slaps me smooth across the face. Take yesterday for example…

I woke up in a great mood. I even tried to fix the kids some toast. When that didn’t quite work out, I still had a nice demeanor brewing. I resisted the urge to lose my patience time and time again. One of my favorite glasses was dropped, no big deal. We swept up the glass and moved on. Someone turned on the water hose and sprayed everyone jumping on the trampoline, and then muddy feet danced across my freshly mopped kitchen. I closed my eyes, counted to 10, took 42 deep breaths, and let it go. Someone snuck into all the marshmallows. Ok, that’s not a disaster either. I bypassed the meltdown that almost consumed me when when I saw a tornado had passed through our main bathroom. I even brushed off the annoyance I felt when I picked up my cranapple juice only to find someone had gulped it all down!  But as every camel knows, there’s always that one straw…

I headed off to the grocery store, leaving my oldest in charge for about half an hour. On my way out the door, one son asked if his friends could spend the night, so I countered that I thought the floor might need to be mopped before I would consider that idea. I thought for sure I’d come home to a freshly re-mopped floor.

I was right! Unfortunately, it wasn’t done exactly the way I do it.

I pulled into the driveway and the smell of bleach was so strong my eyes started to burn. By the time I got to the front door, I could barely breath! I went inside to find a house full of kids trying to figure out how to dilute their mistake. Dogs were sneezing, the bird was hiding his head under his wing. I felt like I needed safety goggles to go inside.

Leave it to Tucker to try and pass off his mopping to his younger brother, who poured an entire gallon of pure bleach on my dining room floor. It was a disaster to say the least. Of course they ruined several towels, the clothes they were wearing, and anything that came into contact with the toxic puddle.

The fumes were burning my nostrils! I finally got the house somewhat aired out, which made it miserably hot in here on a 100 degree day!

I thought I was finally getting past the blood boiling through my veins. I sat down at the table with my bowl of soup, and I looked over at my favorite spot in my house: my red wall.

I have this little spot in my house where I painted the walls my favorite shade of red. I love it. It has taken many touch ups over the years, and I have repainted/remodeled all around them, but I love the red wall so much, it grew from one wall to two when we expanded our house. It is what I look at when I’m lying to myself, pretending this is a pretty house….

July2013 078

Well now I’m seeing red! Not only did that bleach ruin a handful of towels and a few T’shirts, but apparently PAINT can be bleached! I had no idea this was even possible…

July2013 081

On the bright side, if there were any germs hiding out in this zoo, they have certainly been annihilated!



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