There’s a reason for Blonde Jokes


You know, there are tons of jokes based on ethnic, gender, size, color, or any other stereotype you can throw out there, and maybe it’s not fair to assume that anyone six feet tall can shoot hoops, but there’s a reason Blonde’s have a bad rap. That reason is my daughter. No kidding.

When she was 15, I told her a Blonde joke. One day, a blonde was driving down the highway when all of a sudden she was pulled over for speeding. The officer, a fellow blondie,  walked up to the car and said “I need to see your driver’s license.” The driver rifled through her purse, looking at various items, and the officer finally said “it’s the rectangle, the one with your picture on it!”

The Blonde quickly handed the officer her compact mirror and said “Oh, here it is!”

The officer took the mirror, looked at it and replied “I didn’t realize you were a police officer too!”

My Blondie is still trying to figure that one out. Meanwhile, she is fueling enough one-liners to start her own Blonde Joke website. The other day we were driving in her car. It was my husband, me, Blondie, and her fiance. We were talking about babies and magic moments and her daddy said “I still remember the moment you were born. I counted every one of your fingers and toes.”

“Why?!” Blondie asked, puzzled…

“To make sure you had all ten of them” Daddy replied.

She paused for a moment, her eyebrows narrowed in confusion, and then she asked, “WELL, DID I??”

We all just looked over at her hands on the steering wheel, and then we wondered, WHY is she the one driving??

To be honest, I’m surprised she didn’t pull over to count her toes…



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  1. I love blonde jokes, and my two blog are full of them ( I have a new joke blog ), tell her she can copy them if she wants to, but you can explain what I said to her 🙂 🙂

    Heres a few to start her.

    Why can’t you tell a blonde a knock knock joke? Because she’ll go and answer the door.

    Why did a blonde climb over the chain link fence? To see what was on the other side.

    Why did the blonde throw away her weight-lose video? Because she noticed that the people were not losing any weight either.

    A blonde come’s to a river and see’s another blonde on the opposite bank. ” yoo-hoo ” she shouts’.
    How can i get to the other side? The other blonde look’s around then shout’s back, ” but you are on the other side “.

    Did you hear about the blonde who sold her car to buy some petrol.

    How can you tell if a blonde send’s you a fax, it has a stamp on it.

    A blonde was on her way to Disneyland, but she went home when she seen a sign saying, ” Disneyland left “.

    How do blonde brain cell’s die ? Alone.

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