I want to break up!!


Somehow Murphy’s Law has been stuck to me like glue lately. First it was the no good, awful, terrible, very bad weekend where everything that could go wrong did go wrong and then some, but then the weekend ended and I got through it and I moved on. Well, I hobbled along on my crutches through a whole other week.  You know the old adage that bad things happen in three’s? Well for me I think it’s happening in multiples of three…

So we got that next week and landed in last weekend, where double booked didn’t begin to describe it. Friday night was our annual “Battle of the Bell” football game. It is one of the oldest rivalry football games in the state of Texas. Sixty years ago the railroad donated the bell of an old steam locomotive to be the prize for this action-packed, crowd pulling competition and I have seen my kids win and lose the bell, but Friday night through blood, sweat, tears and a few pulled ligaments, we brought that bell back across the river and listened to it ring through the crowds of cheers. It was an exciting night that ended in victory.

Then Saturday  morning the rain that had trickled through the night before decided it was time to pour down. We drove to Lexington just in time for our little boys to play a game of flag football in the rain. That was fun. I would have taken some pictures, but I wasn’t about to try and maneuver my long-awaited Canon Rebel on crutches, in the rain….

Sunday was the day of double bookings. Thank goodness for family! The little kids got to have a cousin sleepover while Daddy took Dylan and Tucker to Dallas.


Tucker played football in the Cowboy Stadium.

The Eagles in Cowboy Stadium

The Eagles in Cowboy Stadium

Now that’s an experience every little football player in Texas dreams of.

Best Buddies

Best Buddies

He even got to check out Gas Monkey and then Gas Monkey Bar & Grill while they were already in Dallas.

Meanwhile I drove to Rockport to watch “Treble Soul” compete in the country showdown. It was a weekend packed to the brim with activity, so guess what happened on Monday morning?

Round 1 of the Showdown LaGrange, TX

Round 1 of the Showdown
LaGrange, TX

That’s right…. Murphy. I’d really like it if we could just break up… For good this time… Monday morning came along and somehow my alarm clock (the one programmed to my smart phone) had been reset. It has decided I only need to wake up at 6am on Thursdays. So, we overslept, which messed up everyone.

The dog, who is used to going outside at 6:30 am peed all the way down the hall when he was woke up 30 minutes late. Meanwhile, the 6 year old who is used to going potty at 6:30am wet her bed. The 6th grader who was getting dressed when I first sent out the distress signal somehow crawled back under his covers and returned to slumber. The knee that previously met with a bolt didn’t want to move. I forgot to give out medicine to the kids who take medicine. Nobody had clean socks, so I was scrambling to match pairs out of our basket of lonely foot-covers. I finally got everyone dressed and to the driveway, only THE        CAR       WOULD      NOT       START!!

Kids were complaining that they were going to miss breakfast. The dog who thinks he needs to take the kids to school was crying because he couldn’t go bye-bye. And all the while I was thinking what else could go wrong this morning?

Luckily, it was a case of teenager unhooking battery, but with 4 minutes to the bell, I didn’t have time to figure that out. Instead, I called for reinforcements. Blondie had to make two trips to get everyone delivered since she doesn’t drive a miniature school bus like I do, but eventually everyone made it to the campus. Then I headed out for groceries, and the trip I expected to take about an hour ended up taking half the day and more than half of my paycheck.


I had to drive around the store in one of those little buggies designed to help disabled shoppers. It is now my life’s goal to always offer to reach things on the top shelf whenever I am standing next to a shopper using one of those. But once again, we survived the surge of bad-luck. Now I’m just waiting for the tides to turn, I’m thinking if Murphy would just leave me alone. Do you think I could file charges on him? I think he might be stalking me…..


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  1. LOL,, That was an Amazing weekend! but y’all did survive. Hide a spare car with charged battery some where close by! Call the school to bring the bus back please! Yep, I’d dig a bunker!! 🙂 Bonnie

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