Irreplaceable Angel


The day after Thanksgiving I sent my son to our shop to fetch the Christmas boxes. He came home empty handed, bearing bad news. The main pole that holds up our 8 foot Christmas tree was bent, badly bent. I don’t know that I’ve ever faced a December as bleak as this one has started out. News of the broken tree seemed to be icing on the cake.

I love Christmas. It’s my favorite time of the year. I love the decorations and the lights and the spirit floating around. I love the parades and Santa Claus and the chance to grant my children a wish or two. I love Christmas.

I’ve always decorated the weekend of Thanksgiving, but this year it didn’t happen. I’ve been so busy, spread so thin, and my husband is working day and night trying to maintain his regular job while launching our own business. It’s tight, and things are tough, and there is no money in the budget to replace the broken Christmas tree… .the Martha Stewart tree that I’ve spent so many nights staring at while sipping hot cocoa.

My mother offered me her tree, but I can’t accept it. I can’t believe that she’ll never want to decorate for Christmas again. She might take a year off, but someday, Christmas will find it’s way back to her. I know it will. So today, when my husband’s cousin called and asked if I had any use for a seven and a half foot Christmas tree, my heart leaped!!

I sent my son back to the shop to fetch the boxes. We put up the tree, we added the lights, and then I got out THE ANGEL. Now, this angel was on top of our tree for many years when I was a kid. When I got my first home, my mom passed down many of the decorations she had to me.

In fact, I did the same thing with Blondie. The other day she texted me this picture of her fireplace and her little tree all decorated.

Hannah-fireplaceI felt that old familiar lump well up in the back of my throat. My little girl has her own tree! She has a home. She’s becoming a family all her own, and just looking at that precious fireplace brought tears of pride and joy to my eyes.


I love the years of ornaments and decorations that represent the generations of my family, so when the angel wouldn’t light up, I felt different kinds of tears welling up. So I ran to good ole Wal-mart on a quest to replace my angel. I looked at all the ones in the store, and no one of them spoke to my heart. The didn’t seem to possess the “softness” my angel seems to glow with. Then I looked at the prices of the tree toppers, and I said to myself “that’s not in today’s budget…”

So, I wondered through the Christmas aisle and found a package of replacement bulbs, and a small strand of clear lights. They were the kind of bulbs you have to put together by running the little wires through the plastic piece— in other words, they were a pain in the booty, but I sat there and replaced every light in that angel. I was a little impressed with myself, and so I climbed on a chair, put her on top of the tree, and


Every single bulb blew!!

So, I took her back to my desk, took out every bulb again. This time, I replaced the fuses in the chord, re-did every bulb again, and guess what?

TreeAngelYep, I revived my angel! I just couldn’t replace her. She’s been hanging around for a lot of Christmases, and I just couldn’t imagine a tree without her, so it looks like DECORATING, you and I are back on!!

So what if the budget didn’t have room for a $16.88 purchase, I think it worked out better this way.


3am, and I finally have the tree together…. Running a little behind this year, but we’ll get there.


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  1. I saw your comment on another blog and so came through your backdoor. I hope you don’t mind! 🙂
    I just read one of your posts so far (this one) and you had me at HELLO as they say and I had to follow!
    You know when you just GET somebody? I loved this! I love the way you write. I love that you revived your Angel and that you have a baby who now has a tree of her own! (So do I!)
    Thank you for leaving the door open for me to sneak through. I loved this!!!!
    Please keep writing! You are my new fav!

  2. Oh Tiffany, I know you have a FEW Angels.! Keeping the faith sure helps! BUT please Do Not Get Up on Ladders!!!!! How is that knee?? What a really lovely tree and Hannah’s too! Her place must look really cute!! I need to come see you folks and would love to see your tree’s! Any things you might need maybe I could try to find? I am good at that!! The best to you & yours. ❤ Bonnie 🙂 Call – 512-720-9249 Land line . let ring awhile to leave a message if I can't answer please.

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