Shower Postponed


I had a feeling my baby shower wouldn’t go the way we had planned. Blondie has all sorts of family all over the place, and everyone wanted to celebrate the arrival of our new bundle of joy. So, there was a shower planned in November. I knew that meant our shower had to be in January, because nobody has the money to do extra things around here in December.

I hoped against hope we could have our shower January 10th. The baby wasn’t due until the 27th. I worked and worked to get ready. In fact, one day I was blessed with the greatest surprise.

To back up a little, since adopting 4 extra kids, our house has been stuck in a perpetual state of remodeling. It’s full of projects that aren’t quite done. Some days I get really depressed about that, but we only have enough money to do things a little at a time, so I have to deal with it. As the day of the baby shower approached, I started stressing over the many things that aren’t finished around here. Then all of the sudden a few days ago Memaw showed up!

She had a truck filled with mulch and plants. She worked tirelessly helping the kids and I do some landscaping and some cleaning around the yard.

Jan1-9 Presley Layne 192She brought me plants that had been my grandma’s and pots that were special to her and pillows she hand sewed to put on our sofa and then she took me to Wal-mart and bought new towels for the bathroom and a new mat for the front door and she topped it off with a Snapple Apple just for me. I was completely overwhelmed by the fact that she planned to spend her day helping me make things around here just a little bit nicer.

Jan1-9 Presley Layne 196

Please Dear Lord, Don’t let me kill the plants!

It’s not often that I feel like someone decided to dive into the trenches with me. I woke up the next day feeling completely energized and motivated to press forward. In fact I was able to give our fireplace the make-over I had planned in my head for months!

Fireplace MakeoverI was almost finished with my to-do list, when my grand-daughter decided she wasn’t spending another day in the womb. We got the news that Blondie would have to be induced a little early to deal with her cranky kidney and creeping blood pressure.

For now, the shower is Postponed, but a healthy mama and a precious baby are far more important than a party with queso and punch.

On the bright side, I’ve got two more weeks to tackle the unfinished projects list…. two more weeks!

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  1. hah! It all works out…Never a dull moment.. Glad baby Presley & Hannah are doing well. By the way the yard work looks great! I hope the cold did not kill the plants.! One Day at a time, Tiffiny ! Blessings to y’all! Bon 🙂

  2. Yup, babies come when they want to, not when we want them to. Hope Mom and Babe are well and so is everyone else. And good luck on finishing up those projects. Projects are kind of like babies–they come and go at their own pace!

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