What’s in a Name?


It’s been a long nine months. From the moment Blondie moved home, there was so much to do. From finding new places to sing to moving into a new house, it’s been milestone after milestone, but this week, we’re going to hit the biggest milestone of all! I knew the moment Blondie was pregnant that it was going to be a girl! We’ve got too many boys in this house, we needed to PINK up the world around here! And SPARKLES! WE NEED SPARKLES!! A lot of people were betting on a boy, but I just knew it was going to be sugar and spice and everything nice. When the ultrasound confirmed my suspicions, Blondie and her Beau picked out a name- a very special name! Blondie and her Beau met on Broadway. The moment he heard her voice, he knew he just had to get to know her! I love that about him! A few days later they were paired together to sing and it was LOVE AT FIRST SONG! And I was there, I was standing right there! I saw my daughter give her heart away… but that’s a whole other story. DSCF1607They have a whirlwind fairytale romance, and it started with the love they both shared for music, so it was only natural that they would choose Presley (yes, after the KING) as the first name for their bundle of joy. But then my Blondie gave me a gift I can’t even fully comprehend. Like I’ve said before, I have seven kids, but I’ve only given birth twice. When I met my husband, I was a nineteen year old girl in a parking lot, and he was a 22-year-old guy who came as a package deal! Since I didn’t give birth to Blondie, I didn’t name her. But I grew up with a family name that had been passed down for generations. TiffanyLayne…. I was the daughter of TammyLayne, and it goes back and back and back. The first time I got pregnant, I just knew I’d have a girl. I was convinced. My dad had 5 daughters and a granddaughter, and he said I’d have a JAG (Just Another Girl). But in a strange twist of fate I had a boy! I was shocked. I actually cried when I found out. I didn’t know what I would do with a boy. Of course later I found out he would be content with new hot-wheels from time to time and that he’d be easy-going and wonderful, but I didn’t know what to make of motherhood without hair bows and fingernail polish. Thank goodness I had Blondie. Years passed, I had another boy. That time they got pretty stern with me. “NO MORE BABIES!” Doctors warned me that I wouldn’t survive another pregnancy. But as life would have it, I managed to end up with four more children. Two girls, and five boys in all, but I only named two of them, and so the one thing I never got to do, the one thing I had planned all my life, was to pass on my name. The Layne had been a family name for at least 8 generations, and every oldest daughter was supposed to pass it to their oldest daughter, but my oldest daughter was a blessing from someone else, and so I made peace with the fact that my name wouldn’t pass on. And then it did. When Blondie and her Beau called from Nashville, they said “If she’s a girl, she will be Presley Layne, after you and Elvis.” Ahhhh, Elvis! My mother told me that Elvis once patted me on the head, said I was a cute little baby, and signed her hand. Too bad he didn’t sign her T’shirt, or my t’shirt, or anything we could have saved!! I’d be too sentimental to list it on eBay, but I imagine it would have been a best seller! I’m so thrilled about Presley Layne. She’s the blessing that heals so many hurts. She’s the beginning of a new journey. So, I took this piece of Blondie’s broken guitar and re-purposed it as a namesake for the nursery. image Presley Layne it is! Some people are hung up on the saying that blood is thicker than water, but sometimes blood can be washed away while the water keeps flowing. What I mean to say is sometimes love is thicker than any of that, and if this baby girl gets nothing else in the world, she going to have more love than a sixties peace rally ever held!

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