On the Day Elvis Was Born…


By the time Thursday rolled around, everything was in place. The nursery was ready with it’s hand-painted leopard-print walls.

Blondie and her Beau

Blondie and her Beau

The car seat was loaded. The bags were packed. And two excited new parents headed off to have a baby. The world changed again!

Of course the waiting room had the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen gathered. It was clear that this young couple is quite famous in some circles, and baby Presley was long awaited! Facebook was all a buzz over the Treble Soul Baby!

Blondie has two moms, her beau has two moms, and that has its awkward moments for sure, but the four of us sat together in a delivery room, where we held hands at one point, shared hugs at another, and poured tears on and off in between the biggest smiles ever shared.

I’ve had babies, but there is nothing like seeing your child, well, she’s not a child, but to see your daughter give birth, well, all I can say it that it was utterly amazing.

Jan1-9 Presley Layne 247

Blondie and her Beau

Now if you know Blondie, you know she is a little bit of a drama queen. She tends to get worked up easily, and at some hospitals they have her picture hanging on the wall of shame as the WORST PATIENT EVER. Once they gave her morphine- she jumped on the bed, scratched herself with a hairbrush and insisted that she had fleas! I prepared myself and her beau for the possibility of cuss-words and flying objects. I thought for sure when that pain hit her pelvis, we would need to have our ducking skills in tact.

Jan1-9 Presley Layne 274

Stealing one last moment before Daddy’s Little Girl isn’t his baby anymore…

Instead, I saw my daughter in a state of complete grace. She was focused and centered. Contractions came, and she pushed. They got stronger, she pushed harder. She was tired, she pushed even more diligently. Time passed slowly, Presley was definitely controlling the room. We saw her head, It disappeared. One step forward, two steps back seemed to be Presley’s pace.

The epidural was an epic failure. Blondie choked back tears. “What was the point of this thing?” She questioned! I could see the pain in her determined expressions. All the sudden, my little girl was this powerful woman working harder than I’ve ever imagined possible.

Just when she thought she had nothing left to give, I held her hand and these other mothers joined me in cheering her on. We were all in complete awe of her strength and determination. I helped her pull her legs back tighter, her beau held on to her with all his love, and finally, with a few more pushes, a miracle emerged in the tiniest little package I have ever seen.

Jan1-9 Presley Layne 293

We all rushed over to ooh and ahhh over this beautiful little baby. This tiny little doll was 6 pounds, 4.9 ounces, and 17 inches long. Her cry was the sweetest sound. I was overcome with a joy like I have never known before. I looked at the faces of the other new grandmothers in the room, there wasn’t a dry eye to be found. We snapped our cameras feverishly. Then I realized Blondie was in a bit of trouble. Her placenta didn’t want to deliver. The doctors were counting down the minutes. Nurses ran for supplies. I could see the medical team sweating, as if they were doing everything they could to hide their panicked expressions. They gave each other signals, counted minutes out loud, and then I looked to the face of this brand new father, and what I saw I will never forget.

Jan1-9 Presley Layne 302

That, my friends, is true love in the purest form. Blondie hit the jackpot the day she won the heart of this young man. At the last possible moment, everything came together, and we were in the clear, but I can’t get the image of their love out of my mind. I have never been more proud of two young parents.

They make their money, together. They pay their bills, together. They created a home, together. They endured a roller coaster of a pregnancy, together. They do the laundry and wash the dishes, together. They had a baby, together. And now, together, they have started a family.

Presley1 032
That’s all you can really hope for your children. Sure, riches and fame and an album that goes platinum would be great, but they are nothing compared to love and companionship. To see them make a home and treat each other as nothing less than a treasure is the greatest blessing in life. The journey has changed, and now, all roads begin and end with PresleyLayne.

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  1. that is a brilliant & sometimes funny account of Hannah & Curt’s journey and birth of Presley Layne and the crazy family’s combination !!! LOVE is all you need…..<3 🙂

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