Back in Action


Just a few days after having a baby, I got a call asking if Treble Soul would like to appear on Fox News. I wasn’t sure Blondie was already up for an outing, but like a good “mama/manager” I left the choice to her. To my surprise, she was good to go! So Friday morning we got up bright and early and headed to the city to appear on Good Day Austin!

Good Day Austin!

Good Day Austin! (Click the pic to go watch the segment)

It was pretty neat taking the baby on her first outing. When the newsroom staff realized that Blondie had a baby just a week ago, they were pretty amazed too! It’s always fun to watch them in action, but while we were standing in the corner of the newsroom with a tiny little baby in my arms, my mother-in-law spotted a familiar face. There, on a shelf of station knick-knacks was a book called “The Sound of Austin – Portraits” and pictured on the cover was “Cousin Charlie”. It was something special to look over and see a face we knew!

The Sound of Austin - Portraits  Charlie Sexton

The Sound of Austin – Portraits
Charlie Sexton

My husband and I both have a lot of musicians in the family, and perhaps Charlie Sexton is the most well-known of them. He, and his brother Will grew up in Austin, playing the blues in bars long before they were old enough to walk through the doors of those establishments. When he was younger, Charlie was part of the “Arc Angels”, a band that put together the musicians Stevie Ray Vaughn left behind with Doyle Bramhall and of course Charlie. They were pretty well known, but like many bands, they eventually broke up and Charlie ended up playing music with more musicians than I could ever name, but he spent many years playing guitar for Bob Dylan. He’s famous enough to have his own spot on Wikipedia, so I guess he made it in all the ways that truly matter. To be honest, I haven’t gone to many of their shows. I remember being pregnant with my oldest son, in the dead of winter, and sleeping in a metal chair right in front of the stage at their big reunion show. Oops. I wasn’t the best spectator that night, but I can still remember the way my husband held my hand and pulled me through the crowd. People in the line were so mad because we were able to go straight to the front- our names were on “THE LIST“.  I was so exhausted, my toes were freezing and my jacket wouldn’t button over my baby bump, but Sean was full of enthusiasm. I loved that about him, he was always excited to be there! Being a musician is a tough road to travel, but in all the time I have known my husband, he has remained a loyal fan to all of his cousins who chase that dream. He doesn’t care if they play country, rock, or blues, or whether they play for a crowd of 10 people in some dive, or 10,000 people on the big stage, he’s always excited for them. He always calls and checks in on them, and not because they might be famous or hit it big someday, but because he admires their talents, and like me, he’s a dreamer at heart! He always wants to see other people succeed. Blondie takes after him like that, she’ll cheer on anyone. She believes there is room for everyone at the top. I love that about her. Now that she’s the one chasing the dream, a few good words of advice have been tossed our way– the most important of which is “stay the course. Never give up. If you’re going to be a musician, be a musician, and don’t waste your time doing other things, live and breathe your music.” So, that’s what Blondie’s doing. She’s living and breathing her music, along with her beau and their beautiful little baby. The more they follow the course, the more I see God blessing them with the means to their ends. Meanwhile, I’m designing banners, ordering business cards, printing cd’s, posting events on Facebook and coordinating schedules while running the rest of the kids from one sport to the other between switching over laundry and scrubbing the dishes and checking the homework and now I get to add one more thing to my to-do list, and it might be my favorite new activity– ROCKING THE BABY!

Rocking the baby

Rocking the baby

Yes, I’ve rocked a baby or two in my time, but this one is a grand-baby, and rocking her is simply divine!

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