Paging Dr. House


I don’t have much time to watch TV these days, so my references are probably more than a little out-dated, but I used to watch that show “House” on Fox. Does it even still come on? The patients always have these strange symptoms that are seemingly unrelated and Dr. after Dr. fail to find the answers until Dr. House starts with his white board and super-human myster-solving skills. I’ve often stared at my daughter and wished he would just walk through the door and bring us some answers!

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This kid is a mess, and everything that happens to her happens in this little area on her right side. It started with being septic because of kidney stones when she had just graduated high school. Then we have been through years of weird stuff- a mass on her liver, a nephrostomy tube when she was pregnant, and most recently, a giant cyst on her ovary.

Luckily these aren’t the worst health problems a person can face, but they certainly can be scarey and perplexing. The thing about this week is that it started with a normal day. She was headed to a gig. She was asking for some bacon cheddar fries, and then she called me. She said “Mama, help me….”

Just then her fiance grabbed the phone and said he was headed to the hospital. She collapsed. She was out. Hours in the Emergency Room could find only one culprit… a “dermoid cyst” is what he said to us. So we left with plans to see the doctor on Monday. Over the weekend, the collapsing and loss of memory worsened. Days had passed, and she still thought it was Friday, and she was about to have some Bacon cheddar fries.

Sunday night she wanted to sleep at Mom and Dad’s house. Honestly, I was a little amused by that. When she first moved home from Nashville she rented the house behind ours. Having her as a neighbor has been fun, especially having my grandbaby nearby! It’s so nice to be able to pop over and invite her for a walk or sit outside and watch the birds together, but recently she was feeling the need to move again- and she had been debating the issue. Then, BAM, she’s sick and she wants to lay on her Daddy’s pillow. So I did my best to put her to bed so we could go to the doctor when morning rolled around. At midnight I was up, like every other mom of seven, doing the dishes. I had the laundry going and the broom waiting for me when Blondie said “mom, you have to take me back to the hospital.” I tried to convince her to just lay down, but she got more and more adamant, so finally I put her in the car.

We spent the next 6 hours in the ER. She was rambling on in the waiting room, making no sense at all. One minute she thought I lost her baby, the next minute she thought she lost her phone, then finally she fainted again. By the time they got her in a room and did another ultrasound, we were told that the cyst had surrounded her ovary, and it was going to have to be removed. I started to pray. I asked my family and friends to pray. Morning broke and I finally got in touch with the doctor. We had an appointment for 2:30 to make a plan for surgery. Then while driving to the doctor she fell unconscious again.

The doctor insisted we go back to the ER. Her pain seemed unbearable and unmanageable. Her eyes would roll back in her head like some sort of seizure. She was mumbling things that made it seem like she’d gone back in time. She was talking to her Daddy as if she was six years old. Then the craziest thing happened. I guess the cyst rupture on it’s own somewhere in the process of waiting for the doctor. The new ultrasound showed a significant decrease in size. Suddenly, she wasn’t going to lose an ovary, she wasn’t going to stay in the hospital, all she needed was a little pain medicine and a nice soft bed. I honestly believe she was the recipient of a miracle, thanks to the many prayers uttered on her behalf.

The drive home was still pretty comical. She thought she saw a Zebra in the road. A building fell out of the sky. Her brother was taking a shower in a cloud. There were dancers in the sky. Her fiance was putting his underwear on her brother’s head. She needed to get her nails done. I wish it weren’t tacky to video someone in such a state. I sure wish I could show her that she vomited on me, she threw her dirty wash rag on my feet, and she spent hours saying things that made no sense.

I spent days staying up all night, trying to make sense of it all, wishing someone like Dr. House would show up with the missing piece of the puzzle that put everything back together, but he never came and we somehow made it through. I guess now I can rejoin the real world. I’ve been so out of it I didn’t even know Miranda and Blake had called it quits!! Now this my friends is a TRAGEDY!!

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Is it wrong if I’m waiting to hear the songs that come out of that one??????

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  1. You are so silly! Love you girl. No it is not wrong to want to hear the song … I do hate that so many in the lime-light can’t make a go of relationships. Glad your girly is doing better!!!!! Hope she stays that way!

  2. Good grief Hannah!! yah, a video would have been soooo fun! Glad that’s all over. Get better Hannah girl!! : ❤ Bonnie

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