Going Back


Well it’s official. Summer is OVER! Today the weather will still be a scorching 100° outside, but the focus has shifted. Instead of getting ready for a picnic or a jump in the pool, we’ll be doing homework and heading out for football practice. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE summer vacation.

I love sleeping in a little later, planting flowers together, having lunch in the park, but let me tell you, having the ZooCrew home all day everyday is a lot of really hard work. My poor refrigerator actually posted it’s own “Thank You” note on the door this morning. It said “Have a great first day of school kids, I will enjoy keeping my doors closed for the next 8 hours.” My front door said “Omgoodness, I won’t be opened 14 times an hour today.” and the cold air added “I might actually be able to stay inside.” Meanwhile the washer and dryer were breathing huge sighs of relief. “They can’t change clothes ten times if they’re at school!”

Personally I’m going to miss the knock-down drag-out wars over whether we are watching Disney Jr or Gone in 60 Seconds. When I get in the car to run to Wal-Mart I won’t be sure how to handle the silence. I’ve grown accustomed to “It’s my turn in the front” or “I promise not to ask for anything if I can go with you” and “MOM! She stole my seatbelt!”

It’s going to be a great year, I can just feel it. Things are turning around here in the trenches. The massive amount of chaos is starting to settle, and back to school it exactly what we need to keep moving in the right direction. I have to admit, I lost myself for a long time. When I first adopted my little ones, I felt so sorry for them. They’d been through hell. They suffered through abuse, the loss of their parents, the strains of being in the system- surely I couldn’t expect them to pick up their underwear. So they threw a chair and broke it, well, their little hearts were broken. So they left peanut butter smeared on the table, they were scarred. I struggled to discipline these fragile little souls. And if I wasn’t making them pick up their popcorn kernels off the floor, how could I expect my older kids to do any better. Weren’t they deeply wounded by this situation too? Shouldn’t I baby them for having to share their mom and their dad and their humble abode? These poor little children didn’t take long to realize that my aching heart was letting them get away with murder and I was killing myself to try to clean it all up on my own.

One day I walked into the laundry room, stared at the mountain of stinky dirty clothes I’ve been climbing for the past 5 years, and I said “ENOUGH”. No one is so wounded that they can’t pick up their own underwear. The coddling came to a halt. So this summer has been spent saying there are no poor little children anymore. There are only budding members of society, and as such it is time for them to wipe up the peanut butter, glue the chair back together, and get their underwear into the laundry basket. This year I’m cracking down.

I’m not going to be that poor lady with seven kids running all over her. I’m gonna be that momma who’s managed to get it together, and today that’s just what happened! We were up with our teeth brushed, our beds made, and ready to go so early the doors weren’t even opened yet. That mountain, well, I conquered it too. Now, I have a few more goals to work on before that 3:00 bell starts to ring, the first of which is my prayer of thanks.

Lord I am so grateful for this house full of messy kids. They revive my spirit daily. They challenge and inspire me. We are blessed by each pencil and backpack we were able to provide this morning. We are grateful for the fruitsnacks that won’t last the week and the laundry soap that is keeping us pretty clean. Please continue to strengthen me on this journey so that I may return to you children raised in your glory! ~Amen

The good old First Day of School picture!! We were ready before the sun caught up to us!

The good old First Day of School picture!! We were ready before the sun caught up to us!

Now, do you think I could squeeze in a nap today, or I am dreaming a little too much?????



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