He Had Me at Hello


Things are pretty tough in the Zoo right now. I’m having to spend big chunks of time separated from my husband and manage the bulk of the household on my own. Meanwhile, he is scrambling to cover the financial side of this partnership, and he’s under a huge amount of strain. There’s nothing like sleeping all alone to give you hours upon hours of reflection.

The other night I was flipping through the channels. When I can’t sleep I like to find an old movie, one I know by heart, and turn it on. I can close my eyes, listen to the dialogue, and picture the movie in my mind. This helps me turn off the constant questioning that buzzes on in my brain. “Do I have enough in the bank to cover the cell phone bill? When is the last day to pay the cable? Are we out of fruit snacks? Did Trenton show me his reading log? Did Jayden find his shoes? Did we feed the turtles today? How hard could it be to tape and float sheetrock?”….. It goes on and on, so if I can find a movie, one I already know, I can usually go to sleep.

It can’t be a new movie, something I haven’t seen, because then I will get interested, and I will have to know how it ends. I will end up watching it, even if it’s boring, because I have to know how the story played out. Lately my list of questions has evolved into a mountain of prayers and I pray them so many times a day that my brain just can’t be still. So the other night, when I saw Jerry Maguire, I felt the relief of a good night’s sleep coming my way.

Oh Jerry! How you remind me of a sweeter moment in time!!

When I was 20 years old I moved into a little yellow 2 bedroom house. I fixed up a tiny bedroom for Blondie with a pink canopy bed. We had a black splash-painted futon and a waterbed left over from the 1980s! Yep, we were living it up in style. I worked in the office of Dell Computers and for a short time my husband worked nights in the factory.

It made for some lonely summer evenings, but when you’re young, love conquers all. We used to leave each other little notes around the house, and if you know my husband, you know this is monumental. He’s not exactly the note-writing kind. Heck, he was thrilled when debit cards replaced check-writing at Wal-mart.

It’s so funny to think how different the world was back then. We couldn’t text each other all day. We just had these little moments that passed between us. I cherished those little notes, the pack rat in me saved most of them! Then one day, he really just knocked my socks off. He woke up and made sure he was the first one at the video store. Remember when you had to go to the video store? No RedBox, no NetFlix, no TV on Demand… it was June 24th, 1997, and the buzz was all about the release of Jerry Maguire. Everyone was waiting for it to come out.

He knew that by the time I got home from my hour long commute, all the videos would be gone, so he got up early, snagged the first one, and left me a little note to read with my chick flick. The little things like that tell you just how much a man loves you. It doesn’t have to be a dozen red roses delivered to your desk. It can be the oil change you didn’t want to wait around for, or the dog food bowl you hate filling up. It’s the chick flick you were waiting to see…

So thanks Jerry for reminding me, this man had me at hello, and twenty years later, we haven’t said goodbye yet! We must be doing something right, so I’ll make it through this time alone, I’ve got Jerry Maguire on my side.

Image Courtesy of Memecrunch.com

Image Courtesy of Memecrunch.com

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