All my kids have ADD or ADHD or OCD or ODD… if it’s got an acronym, we’ve probably got it somewhere in this household. It can make for some challenges. One thing we don’t have is a dull moment. EVER.

Last night in the minutes between football / dance / and cheer practice, I whipped up some Taco Salads to feed my crew. I doubled what I normally cook, which happens to be a lot, because I knew the night of practice would lead to extra hungry kids, and it’s been a while since we had any leftovers to grace the shelves of our refrigerator.

I love to cook three of four days of big meals, and then have an “eat whatever you can find” kind of night. I guess you might call that “Potluck”, but, when you have 5 hungry boys, you don’t always have anything left for Potluck night. Last night I was just about to put away the rest of the refried beans when my son Trenton said “Would you like me to clean out the pan of beans?”

What he meant by “clean out” is that he would eat everything left in the pan so that I wouldn’t need a plastic container to pour the leftovers into. That kid is a human garbage disposal. Let me think about that- feed a nine-year-old boy half a pan of refried beans? Yeah, I don’t think that’s a very good idea. ESPECIALLY if we are going to be spending any amount of time together in confined spaces, such as my Yukon. I think two helpings of refried beans was more than enough.

At least he was trying to help clean out the Fridge, right?! Just like this morning, I made a batch of hummingbird nectar. I could tell by the drops on the floor that some child had mistaken it for Kool-aid, and judging by the coffee mug Trenton stashed beside the refrigerator, I’d say he was trying to clean out the nectar jug too. His eyes popped right out of his head when I said “who drank the bird food?”

Daddy tried to tell him it was poisonous, but you can’t fool that kid. He knows exactly what sugar water will do to him. One man’s poison is another kid’s party. At least we got the feeders filled and hung before school started. When I was a kid my step-mom had a yard full of feeders, and I used to marvel at those amazing little creatures.

After I took the kids to school, ran my morning errands, and put in a few miles at the track, I came home and took a little break from the world. I sat and watched the hummingbirds and I thought a lot about God and his creations.

It’s pretty awesome that these little wings can flutter 90 times a second. They eat twice their body weight in nectar every day and their feet are so tiny they can’t really walk on the ground like other birds do. What amazes me even more is that if you feed them, they will come. Set out the nectar, and they find it from whatever corner of the world they were occupying.

©2015 Tiffany Prestridge

©2015 Tiffany Prestridge

I guess that’s a lot like being a Christian. If you feed your soul with His word, the blessings will come. Sometimes it might take them a while to get here, but once they find you, they overflow abundantly.

©2015 Tiffany Prestridge

©2015 Tiffany Prestridge

I’ve never been a big fan of the Post Oak trees in my front yard. They’re so plain, and I’ve always wished I had those big twisted live oak trees instead, but today, I looked up and saw that these plain old trees were full of these little miracle birds, and I thought to myself every branch above me was a blessing planted to bring prosperity to me.

©2015 Tiffany Prestridge

©2015 Tiffany Prestridge

I still wish I had a big Magnolia tree to look up at, but I think for today, I’m just going to be thankful that my nectar was found, and I had the pleasure of listening to the hum of little wings before I got too busy with the day.

©2015 Tiffany Prestridge

©2015 Tiffany Prestridge

They have to visit hundreds of flowers each day to get all the nutrients they need, so I guess I’m not the only one flying around trying to accomplish monumental things.

©2015 Tiffany Prestridge

©2015 Tiffany Prestridge

I wonder why God gave them such a task to complete every single day of their lives? And if they ever fly around thinking “Dang, I’m tired, could I just take a nap instead?” Are the people the only ones who complain about the obstacles in front of us? And wouldn’t it be nice if sometimes we could just fly away…

If Trenton finds those leftover beans, we just might be blown away. Close enough, I guess.

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