Another Walmart Moment


This morning I went to my son’s fourth grade Christmas play and then I stopped by my daughter’s house to say hello when my little grand-daughter did the cutest thing in the world.  She just started walking and she was being a little cranky so I said “Does Presley want to go shopping with Grandma?” (I still don’t think I want Grandma to be my name…)

She made a B-line to her favorite toy, picked it up, brought it to me and raised her arms like “Yep, I’m going with you….” So off to Walmart we went to grab a few Christmas shirts. Tonight my 3 youngest will be dancing at the nursing home and we needed proper attire. Of course all they had left were 3 Christmas shirts that are about 3 sizes too big. Good thing this is a hip-hop dance, so too-baggy should be just right.

The sweetest older lady passed by my basket and she stopped to admire the baby that captured my heart. “She’s so cute, what’s her name?” She asked, and so of course I couldn’t say “Presley” without throwing in the story of how she was born on the birthday of Elvis!

“What’s her whole name?” She inquired, which made me even happier because I got to say “Presley Layne” and all my friends know I just love to mention that she shares my middle name, heck I made a hashtag just for her! (#PresleyLayne) “My first grandbaby, and she was named after me!” I think that is the most amazing gift I have ever received, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of saying “Presley Layne”. Just then tears welled up in her eyes and she said “you’re so lucky to have her!”

I almost just said “thank you” and went about my day, but I could sense that she had something to say, so I stopped my cart completely and listened to her story. She has 6 grandchildren, but only one visits her. She  has spent Thanksgiving and Christmas alone for 26 years because she never told her children that she really did want them to come home for the holidays.

I thought about her children. They’re probably a lot like me. I try to juggle visiting everyone and sometimes it gets hard, especially as families grow and divide. Now my Blondie is all grown up and she spent her first Thanksgiving out of state with her in-laws, and it’s just not possible to fit in everything we want to fit in, but I thought to myself, “I wish I knew who these children were, I’d call them up and tell them just where to spend their holidays this year!”

I wasn’t sure what to say, other than to acknowledge my many blessings. Then I told her I could loan her some grandchildren if she wanted to borrow a few, I surely have enough to go around. She laughed, and someone else who recognized her stopped to say hello, but as I wheeled my cart away, I thought to myself, I really am lucky. In the hardest year of my life I received the biggest blessing of all, a grandchild.

I don’t know if she’ll end up calling me Grandma, Grams, Grammy, Granny, ZaZa, Oma, Nonnie, or Mamaw, but it doesn’t matter what name I end up with, it matters that this little blessing toddles in and out of my house, and she brings me a smile every single time! Now, go call your Grandma, she needs to hear from you today!

As for me and Presley Layne, well, we’re going on a walk!


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  1. I wish I could sadly my gran passed away in January this year and I am at the opposite end of the spectrum facing my first ever Christmas where I cannot ring her to wish her merry Christmas but I was blessed with over forty years of memories and nothing can take those 😀

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