Advent is Ageless


Do you know what makes everything more fun? Candy! It’s true.  Think about it.  Would your kids get all dressed up and knock on all the neighbor’s door if there wasn’t candy involved? Probably not.

Of course the gobs of Halloween candy are long gone by the time December 1st rolls around.  That’s when we start our chocolate countdown to the big day!

Every single year at Thanksgiving my step-mom has given me advent calendars for the kids.  I don’t think she’s ever missed a year,  even though at times they’ve been hard to find.  It’s one of the little traditions that make December so special. 

The kids don’t forget about their daily dose of chocolate either! It cracks me up that even though Blondie is all grown up,  she couldn’t wait for her calendar from Memaw.  In fact,  I had to hide the baby’s calendar to keep her Mommy from eating it!


I have to say,  this year is going better that the past several.  Over the years we’ve had a few mishaps….  We’ve had that one sneaky child who managed to eat everyone’s chocolate a time or two.  We’ve had kids who thought eating the chocolate faster would bring Santa sooner.  We’ve had a dog who dug into the calendar to have a little chocolate of his own.  But this year everything is running smooth.  We are a week from the big day and all calendars are still in tact.

It didn’t take the grandbaby long to figure out the tradition.  She may not be able to pick the right number just yet,  but she knows that you open the door and a treat appears! I love that exciting moment of the evening when we get out the calendars and count down another day. 

I’m reminded of the Avon scratch-and-sniff calendar my grandmother sent me in 1982. It was a countdown in Mrs. Claus’ kitchen.  In the cabinets there were cinnamon rolls,  candy canes, peppermints and even a big Christmas tree.  I’ve still got that old card,  and believe it or not,  it still smells!


No matter how old I get, and regardless of how broke I am,  I still get excited waiting for Christmas.  I like to remember my grandfather opening the Bible to read us the Christmas Story.  His deep soothing voice sounded like gentle music telling the tale of a baby laid in a Manger…

I guess Advent is a countdown of beautiful moments.  Thank you Memaw for  the many years of chocolate countdowns.  You’ve blessed me with the joy of watching thousands of smiles erupt,  and it seems we’ve outgrown the fights of “you took mine”,  so it’s all good from here!

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