Starting off sticky


Well,  our long winter’s nap officially ended today as the kids finally returned to school! Who am I kidding – we didn’t get to take any naps! This house has been going non-stop for the past few weeks.  When you have this many kids,  watching TV and snoozing all morning just doesn’t happen.  Instead,  I have to prepare for the day like a kindergarten teacher with a string of activities planned.

We made our share of cookies and more than our share of messes. We decked and un-decked the halls.  We cleaned out closets and made room to put away presents.  We even did a project in which every kid wrote letters to their grandparents.  They told them all the things they love about them,  and what they pray for.  It was so much fun to hear the serious and not-so-serious answers they came up with.  We’ve been busy, busy, busy.

When I was younger I could never understand those moms who looked forward to school.  I wanted to keep my kids home with me all the time.  I wanted to go rock hunting and make crafts and snuggle in the afternoons for a little movie break.  Fast forward 15 years,  and I have become the mom counting down the hours until the school opens the door! Shame on me…

I was so excited about this morning that I went to Walmart at midnight so that I could send them off in a special way this morning! I baked fresh Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls!


If you are a fan of canned cinnamon rolls,  these are devine! Big,  fluffy, oozing with gooey cinnamon and frosting… Can’t you just picture 6 sets of sticky hands leaving a cinnamon trail through the house? I know, it’s a  terrible choice for weight watchers or health nuts, but sometimes a splurge is completely necessary.

Groggy kids get out of bed much faster when the promise of cinnamon rolls is lingering over them.  I wasn’t the only one ready to hit the drop-off line.  My little diva was preparing to tell her friends all about her Barbie head.  My 12 – year-old was so excited to hit the gym that he skipped his cinnamon roll.  I love seeing his enthusiasm for Athletics.  He inspires me with his constant desire to better himself.  Tucker never stops wanting to grow physically,  mentally, and spiritually.  He always wants to be more than he was yesterday.  I love that about him! Of course I could barely lure Trenton out of bed,  but perhaps the most excited face I saw this morning was my little man with a suit.  He’s been dying to wear it all week.


Santa brought the suit,  and he spent his Christmas money on matching shoes.   This kid once told me he was gonna grow up to work at HEB,  so he could eat all the cookies,  but I’m starting to see something bigger on his horizon.  I’m not sure yet how it will all turn out,  but like ZZ Top says,

every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man!

So here we go with a new year,  a fresh start, a clean slate,  and we got the ball rolling with a fresh batch of Cinnabons, so whatever 2016 brings,  it’s got to be something good! Now excuse me, I think this mama bear might need a quick nap before my little cubs all come back!

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