A pony on the side


Out of my seven kids,  only two are girls and they just so happen to be the oldest and the youngest.  Even though my Blondie is all grown up,  I still remember exactly how it happened….

It was midway through second grade when her hair styles stopped being up to me every day.  She started having special requests such as braided pigtails or low pony tails.  Then right at the start of 3rd grade she figured she could do it all by herself.  I let her,  even when she looked a little bit like a page out of Dr.  Seuss.  I had just had a baby,  and I remember crying at how big she was getting,  and at the same time I was relieved that I could close my eyes for 5 minutes while she wrestled with the comb and detangler. 

Fast forward 14 years,  and here we go again.  It’s midway through second grade.  My little diva KK has started with the special requests.  It happened for the first time the other morning.  “Can you make me a side pony?” She asked.  “Sure! I used to do my hair that way!” I told her.


“There were side ponies when you were a kid? ” She responded doubtfully. ” “Um yeah- I’m a child of the 80s!” I  assured her.  Of course I was speechless when her next question was “did they have TV back then?”

Jeez kid! Yes,  we had TV,  color TV,  and Friday night videos! And apparently a pet dinosaur too….

I have a feeling I won’t be braiding her hair much longer! Good thing I have a grandbaby to play with.  And today she’s turning 1! She’s got just enough hair to hold a bow,  which makes me one lucky lady!


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