Blondie Strikes Again


Blondie and her geography, or lack there of, often bring me a great deal of amusement. There was that one time she thought we needed passports to drive to Oklahoma.  Then there was the time that she couldn’t understand that London was part of England.  After that I sent her this joke, thinking for sure she’d get it… but NO!


I told Blondie the joke and she said “it’s kinda true though, you can see the moon!” In moments like this all I can do is shake my head and thank the good Lord she somehow got her diploma.

The other day Memaw and Poppa and took us to see Star Wars. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you, but I can say this: Luke Skywalker is a little older than he used to be. Anyway, the movie theater is about an hour drive, so we have a car with 9 people in it, and 50 miles to go… All the way there I could keep them calm by saying “if you can’t behave, we can turn this car around!” That worked pretty well BEFORE we saw the movie. The challenge was getting home without a nuclear meltdown.

When the squabbling reached an all time high, I decided to change tactics. “Let’s play a game, we’ll go around the car and in ABC order, everyone name a city in the United States.” My 8-year-old Jordan starts us off with Augusta. His little sister followed with Boise. Then it was Chicago, Denver, the thinking got going and then we get to Blondie, who says Iowa. Iowa? That’s not a city. That’s a state!  We laughed at her and kept going, but she wasn’t done showing her geographical brilliance. She thought Ontario was in the US, and when I explained that was part of Canada, she said “Isn’t that a state?” Later in the game she argued that Hawaii was not part of the United States but possibly her greatest confusion seemed to come from the fact that we live in the South.


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She said “how could we be in the South if we are in North America? Wouldn’t we be in South America?”

Sometimes she leaves me speechless, and I just have no idea how to give her an explanation that will stick!

It was pretty comical when her 8 and 9 year old brothers were trying to explain the idea of continents. But that’s okay, she can tie her own shoes, and that’s all that matters! I was thinking about taking her to Disneyland, but I’m not sure she’s ready to leave the country just yet.

I’m pretty sure someday her musical dreams will come true, and she will be on tour going from stage to stage. She’ll light up the world with her voice and touch souls with her songs, just whatever happens- do not put her in charge of directions! Her idea of heading south might be crossing the equator…



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