Still in Shock

Still in Shock

I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been captivated by Anne Frank. To me, she embodies the kind of optimism I try so hard to cling to. Despite being locked in an attic during her coming of age, despite being a victim of one of history’s darkest moments, she still held true to the idea that really the world is made of people who are genuinely good at heart. Whenever I go through tough times, I try to remember that even when faced with the holocaust she believed in the goodness of humanity.

Sometimes I feel like maybe I’m just a little too naive when it comes to believing in people. I always say to myself “we’re safe here” or “nothing bad is gonna happen” and then when I’m wrong, it’s a devastating feeling.

I used to think I lived in such a nice neighborhood. It’s not fancy. The houses are average, but life seemed simple here. Then about a year ago we had this rash of stolen items- my son’s bike, parts off our truck, tools, etc. It was all kind of little stuff, and we actually recovered the bike on one of our more exciting mornings. (Don’t miss that story!) I really felt like it was more teenage mischief or someone with a drug problem more than anything else. But today, I’m looking up and down my street wondering where the evil in lingering.

Let me be honest. I live in a zoo. Complete with animals, of course. I do try to keep my dogs in my own yard, but they escape from time to time. I know, that can be annoying to the neighbors, and I do try hard to keep it from happening. Reeses was my escape artist though. She would jump the fence two or three times a day, go for a little run, and then come back home happy as a clam.

Reeses was a rescue dog. Blondie found her dumped on the highway. I said we couldn’t have another dog. Well, I tried to say that… Tucker instantly fell in love with her. That nine-year-old boy house trained her in 5 days with the help of YouTube tutorials.

Then he taught her to track him and to jump over the couch and to do all sorts of other tricks. They were best friends in no time.

She never growled at people. She didn’t bite. She entertained the neighborhood. She could run 25mph and she would take the other dogs on a chase to wear them smooth out. She didn’t potty in the house or chew up shoes or dig out the garbage. She did however chase cats. Perhaps it was her downfall. I really can’t wrap my head around what happened.

The day after Valentine’s, a stomach virus hit the ZooCrew. Kids were dropping like flies. Three sick boys were sprawled out on the couch. Tucker spotted Reeses trying to drink out of toilet. She’s not much of a bowl-licker, so he called her name.

She didn’t run to him. She didn’t wag her tail. She didn’t jump over the couch. Within minutes he was calling out to me and we were headed to the vet. My suspicions were quickly confirmed, she had been poisoned.

We took the hour long drive to the closest animal hospital. I watched my son from the rear-view mirror trying to console his beloved friend.

We left her in their hands for the night, but about an hour later I got a call. Ethylene glycol …. aka ANTIFREEZE! Someone gave my son’s dog ANTIFREEZE!

I wish I could believe it was accidental, but we’ve seen a few other dogs pass away mysteriously over the past few years. Just like week Blondie’s beloved terrier died out of the blue. The vet said she had cancer, but I think she still had a year or two left in her. This was the first time we got the dog there fast enough for them to know exactly what had gone wrong, and I’m just sick.


Now I’m wondering, who could do such a thing? Dogs chase cats, that’s mother nature, but a person killing a dog, where’s the nature in that? The worst part is trying to decide who has a heart cold enough to destroy a little boy? To make a dozen people cry? Maybe Anne should have said “most people, not all… most people are good at heart.” Obviously cruelness lives in the hearts of some…
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  1. Awww, that sucks.. I would move to different side of town? Reeses may have come upon some ignorant person who had replaced their antifreeze in car and did not put the pan away or it was on ground. Need a big tall fence & cement blocks at bottom so don’t dig out. Too bad she was a jumper. That is so sad !!! 😦 Bonnie

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