Blessings, Not Bee Stings


I have to admit it. I’m one of those people. I love inspirational quotes. Yep, I do. I try my best not to over-share them on Facebook or pin too many on Pinterest but sometimes a good ole quote is exactly the boost I need!

This morning as I walked up the stairs at the high school, I noticed some very profound words hanging on the wall. They went something like this:


It was a good day for that reminder to cross my path. I was on the verge of spewing some highly disrespectful thoughts. Sometimes it’s very hard to face ignorance with kindness.

A few years ago I realized that racism is alive and well when someone left rude comments on a YouTube video I posted. I still remember his cruel and ignorant rant.

“great song, touching video,but is it just me or did they somehow have nigger or mexican kids later in life or mutt grandniggers I dont see how they could be proud of that I will be very disapointed if my wife or kids ever had mutt babies if I didnt kill them it would be because they had enough sense to stay away from me i dont know if i feel bad for these people or think they are retarded for having pictures looking happy with little nap heads either way I SMELL WELLFARE AND DISAPOINTMENT”

When something ignites my heart, I usually write about it, and so I posted a blog- Backwards Thinking. I worked through my frustrations as I typed out the words and then I went on with my life. What else could I do? As much as I wish I could change the world, I’m only a ripple in the tide.

I remember feeling really encouraged and validated by the comments people left behind. That’s one of the many reasons that writing has always been my therapy. There’s nothing like a pen that flows with smooth, rich ink to help me sort through my troubles. Almost as soon as I get my heartache spelled out, I get over it…. Usually….but some heartaches are really hard to forgive and forget- especially when someone attacks my children.

I try to be the kind of person who embraces diversity. I try to understand the value of different cultures and upbringings. Today, respecting someone with different values from my own is really presenting a challenge. I woke up to yet another comment from the person who first graced my YouTube video with his foul words almost 5 years ago.



First of all, moon crickets? Really? That’s a new one on me… Second, I’m not on Welfare. I’m not a Foster parent anymore, but that job is undervalued in this world. Foster parents usually do receive some compensation, but I can tell you it doesn’t cover everything it takes to raise a child. I’d wear the word FOSTER like a badge of honor if it were my title.

I’m an adoptive parent. I have devoted my life to sharing my home, my heart, and my values. Sometimes we might need a little help, but for the most part, my husband and I do this on our own. We try to make a difference every single day. Do you Big Timmy?

I wonder what good is brought into the world by people who spend their time spreading hate? What value does that add to anyone’s life? I’m not going to lie, today I really wanted to hand out a knuckle sandwich to, Aka “Big Timmy”, (I’m assuming that “Big” has nothing to do with size of his heart or his brain, but that’s not for me to judge.) I wanted to type a thousand put downs and send them to his inbox. I wanted to spit in his hamburger and stick a “kick-me” sign on his back but that’s not the example I want to set, so instead I will put that comment in the trash, where it belongs.

Listen Big Timmy, You’re cheating yourself with all that hatred and judgment. I’m raising some amazing kids, and they’ll grow up to be anything but a disappointment. I sure hope there’s a change of direction on your journey, because it would be a shame to leave this world with a legacy of hatred. Racism and bigotry don’t belong in the future, and they sure weren’t needed today. It’s taking everything I can muster to wish you blessings instead of bee stings… but God says to pray for our enemies, so that’s where I’m going to lay this burden, at His feet.  I know he’s the one who puts the inspirational quotes in front of me.

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