Rain, Rain, It’s Ok


I always hear people complaining about the rain. Not me. I love rainy days. I like it when the house is kind of dim and the steady pitter-patter of rainfall seems to render the children just a little quieter. I don’t mind the occasional rain-out of the ball-game or telling the teenager: “You’re staying off the roads tonight!” I like to snuggle up, watch movies and peek outside at the lightning. Last year the thunder still scared the bejeebers out of my old dog and send her squealing and crying, but now that’s she’s nearly blind and mostly deaf, old Macy handles storms like a trooper.

My favorite thing about a rainy night just might be the hazy morning after. This morning I sat on my porch, bewildered that my little hummingbirds have already returned. I watched them dashing back and forth from feeder to feeder.

Morning walk 027-2

I ran back into the house to grab my camera and for a while I sat outside just watching the birds. Then I noticed the little swallows have returned. Last year our entire family was mesmerized, watching them build their little nest out of mud. When I Googled them, the top links were all about getting rid of these  “pesky birds”; but I’m not annoyed. They can build their little nest in the corner of the porch every year. I don’t mind.

Of course once they find themselves surrounded by 10 or 12 curious kids checking out their newly hatched birdies, they  might wish they had chosen a different location. I was amused at the way they work as a team. One little bird was working on the nest, and the other was sitting on my roof between his trips to the mud puddle down by the street. I started to notice all the little miracles of nature, like the bees that were pollinating my flowers and stealing nectar from the hummingbirds.

I was thinking about just how delicate these little creatures seem to be, and yet they were in those trees all day yesterday as the rain poured down and I stayed inside. Then I looked up and saw the even the spiderwebs glow after a good rain.

Morning walk 018-2

So I got up and started to look around the yard at all the beautiful things that surround me. Before I knew it, I had walked two miles. My fitbit started screaming “it’s about time you got back out here!” I swear, it really said that. Outloud. (Ok, maybe that’s my subconscious shouting, still feeling guilty about the week full of birthday pie and not many workouts, but I’d rather blame it on this fancy wristband that’s supposed to remind me “stop watching Dr. Phil and go for a walk!)

Stolling through my neighborhood, I felt so blessed to live in such a place. I know, I’m usually complaining about the crack-addict next-door, but I suppose even a crackhead enjoys the serenity that surrounds us. Which got me thinking, perhaps if he stands outside and peeks into God’s world the way I  did this morning, maybe he’ll start looking for his purpose; and if he looks for his purpose, he might just do something amazing in this life- something that doesn’t require cash only transactions. But who am I to judge? I’m a sinner in my own flawed ways. I just hate it when I see someone so young go so far down a dead-end street. I want to believe I have the words to inspire him to change directions, but who am I to him? Just the crazy lady next door…

Speaking of dead-end streets, I stopped to enjoy one of those too.

I saw a bird working on his nest while a puppy yapped at my feet because he wanted me to keep on going. And so we did, we walked and snapped photos and walked some more.

I must’ve walked for an hour or so, and by the time I got home, I felt like I my soul had been restored! You know the rain restores the land. It fills the rivers and makes the flowers bloom, and somehow it always brings me reminders of God’s amazing miracles, like little birds that withstand the winds.

If those little creatures can sit outside in the rain for days, and still come back to spin their webs and build their nests, then I can weather my storms too. That’s what I like about the rain, it reminds me that I’m not alone in my struggles. The thunder and the lightning might slow me down, but tomorrow will come, and I will see the blooms all around!

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  2. I completely know what you mean about rainy days. We are having one right now and I am enjoying the lazy, slow pace of it all!
    Beautiful photos and thoughts, it is wonderful to take the time to appreciate the world around us.

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