Teach a Man to Fish

Teach a Man to Fish

What’s that they say? Give a man a fish,  feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish,  feed him for life! Well,  I say it’s more like teach a kid to fish and he’ll steal your boat.

Lately Dyl Pickle has been going fishing.  He’s always loved fishing.  I can see him now,  4 years old standing on a grassy bank, little fishing pole in hand….

There I go again, getting all nostalgic.  Maybe one of my favorite memories came from the weekend when Daddy injured almost all of us,  one by one.  It started when he tried to take Dylan fishing,  but instead he cast a hook straight into the side of my little boy’s face! It looked like we pierced his ear with a lure.  We had to take him to the emergency room because it was wedged in so deep, and on the way there I just had to take a picture! I’ll never forget how he choked back his tears, wiped his eyes and said “cheeeeese”! I love that picture.

The next day Daddy attacked me with a weed-eater.  No,  I’m not kidding.  For some reason I walked towards him and BOOM! The weed-eater started at my ankle and lashed the back of my leg 27 times right up to my knee! I was dancing around like a chicken that just lost its head to an ax, screaming an expletive I can’t repeat (it started with the word “mother”).  Meanwhile my mother- and father-in-law were laughing so hard they couldn’t even render first aid.  I have forgiven them, sort of!

We were supposed to be on a vacation, but after that Blondie said: “can we go home now; I think I’m next…”

Luckily not all our fishing trips were that eventful.  What I can’t believe is that my little Pickle doesn’t need his Mommy or his Daddy to go fishing anymore.

He just loads up the boat and off he goes.  Last Monday my little red-neck hillbilly son skipped school.  He wasn’t drinking,  or getting high,  or running off with a girl- no! He was fishing!


Tuesday he went to school, sunburned, with his boat still attached to his truck.   (He had to weld the trailer, of course.)  I’m thinking a note that says “Dylan was home sick” might be questionable, especially when the principal has to say “get your boat out of the bus lane.”

I guess senioritis is setting in a little early, but maybe he is preparing himself for the real world.  Maybe when he grows up he will always save a few sick days for fishing.  All I know is that he’s got nearly enough catfish to have his own fish fry.

Teach a kid to fish,  and his friends will all come over….
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  1. Awe this is too cute! I’m dealing with my mom shaming me my whole life and only having really realized it now. So I’m seeing things through that lense and I love how you were supportive of his decision – rather than shaming him. I agree, if it’s a priority then it doesn’t matter what other people think. Do you! If he wants to save his sick days in future to fish and that makes him happy, and doesn’t cause any actual harm. Go for it!

    • I hope you have forgiven your mom. Sometimes we try so hard to encourage our kids, we don’t realize that we’re not being supportive. My kids teach me how to let go, because they tell me “Mom, that’s important to you, but not to me” and I try hard to listen. The control freak inside me struggles with just letting it go…

      • I don’t want to crowd your comments here so all I’ll say is no. I am only beginning my process to forgive her … for my benefit and not hers. She is still shaming me to this day. And it’s beyond what anyone could consider just loving parenting. Not that she doesn’t love me, she just also thinks I’m mentally ill and always has. And I have finally told her enough, that I won’t tolerate it. It’s great to hear of parents being aware because none of us will be without parental struggles. It’s how you process them :).

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