Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice


This is Texas, so the weather doesn’t exactly scream “Fall”. It’s still as hot as August but there are clues all around that it should be the season of changing colors. Most of those clues are up and down the aisles of Wal-Mart. It started with the pumpkins that replaced the watermelons at the front door. Then there were orange and red decorations on the end-caps. I noticed Halloween candy starting to fill up displays. Great, is it already time to start planning costumes and hayrides? Surely not…

My favorite part of Fall is football. That’s probably why four of my boys are playing it while my little girl is cheering on the sidelines. I’m still waiting for a cold morning where you can see your breath in the air with layers of clothes while I sit in the stands, but right now I’m still dragging out the umbrella to help shade the bleachers from the beating of the scorching sun. But never fear, pumpkin spice is here.

I noticed it last week at the gas station. It was too hot to get a cup, but I have to say, gas station cappuccino is my weakness. I gave up Coca Cola, but I have to keep the pumpkin spice. Hey, it’s seasonal…

There are even pumpkin cookies greeting people as the make their way into Walmart. White chocolate chunk pumpkin and pumpkin snickerdoodles, both of which have earned 4 star ratings from the zoo crew. My grandbaby ate four of them the first time I brought a batch home. Apparently she has figured out the art of asking a different kid for a cookie each time she wants one… Yep, she’s scary smart.

With all the pumpkin candles and pumpkin air fresheners and pumpkin cookies floating around, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that every single product is trying to cash in on the arrival of Fall, but I have to say I really didn’t expect to see it in the bag of candy I picked up yesterday. We were halfway done with football. The twins had just walked away from a harrowing defeat on the football field and Trenton was just getting started when the cheerleaders were out of candy for their 3rd quarter exchange. I ran to the Dollar General, where lo and behold, pumpkins everywhere! Plastic pumpkins for the yard and the dinner table, plastic leaves, fall table cloths, cinnamon brooms- yep, it’s Autumn. I grabbed a big bag of Halloween mix to take back to the game.

After the game the kids brought the leftovers back to the car and Jordan was reading us all the Laffy Taffy jokes like “Why do witches ride brooms?  — Easy, because vacuum cleaners are too heavy,” when all of the sudden he said, “Mom, this one is soooooo good!” “Banana, right?!” (That’s always been my favorite flavor.) Nope! It was pumpkin spice donut…. Yep, it’s definitely Fall. Maybe tomorrow Mother Nature will get the memo and start cooling down just a little bit….



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  1. Buying Halloween candy for the football game! Genius! I have to say I’m a pumpkin freak! Now, if only we can grow them! P.S. Your Texas summer beats our California summer, LOL!

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