Praying in the Front Seat

Praying in the Front Seat

This morning I was dropping off my son’s medicine at the Junior High. I was rushing from school to school because it’s STAAR testing day in the great State of Texas.

I won’t bore you with my feelings about standardized testing. Not today. But for the record, I don’t believe the STAAR test is the right way to encourage achievement in education.

However, this morning my focus was encouraging my kids to do their very best. I wanted to send them to school full of beliefs. They are able to conquer STAAR Mountain!

As I came out of the Junior High I noticed a father parked in front of the school. Maybe he was a grandfather or an uncle, but for the sake of this story, he’s just Dad. 

A few cars were backed up behind him. For a moment he appeared to be sleeping.

As I got closer, the young girl in the back seat leaned forward and put her hand on his shoulder. Suddenly I realized he was uttering words of prayer.

Maybe he was praying that his children would be safe in our hallways today. Maybe he was praying they have soaked in all their studies. Or perhaps he prayed the pizza would turn out extra delicious today. Or maybe, just maybe, he asked the Lord to remind his children that their abilities are magnanimous. And that no test can define their potential.

Maybe he just said “thank you God for these beautiful beings that bless my life.”

I’m not really sure what the prayer was, but thank you sir for saying it, in the middle of the drop off line!

I pray in my car a lot. Especially when I’m driving alone. In the quiet (which I get very little of with 7 kids and 5 dogs) I like to center my thoughts on the many ways God has blessed and guided my life. When I feel like getting lost in the struggles I dig for the lessons I’m supposed to learn.

This morning I saw a father’s love in action. He didn’t pull up in a hurry and say “run to the breakfast line, before we’re too late!” Instead he patiently started their day with a whisper of a prayer.

I went on to the intermediate school feeling inspired. My oldest two have taken all the STAAR Tests they will ever face. But I have 5 more to go. I pray they never feel defeated by a bubble sheet. I pray they do their best and shine their brightest. And I pray they never believe they are limited by a score.

On the flip side, I hope they remain humble when they ace it, and always value hard work.

And I thank that father in his car for reminding me to say my prayers. If he was napping, please don’t tell me! I’m happy with the inspiration I found.

Good luck kids! Shine bright like a real Star! 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟


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