Today’s the Day!

Today’s the Day!

I can’t believe the day has finally arrived. I’ve watched Blondie and her beau prepare for months now! The stars have finally aligned.

I always knew this day would come. I just never knew when. To tell you the truth, when Blondie came home from Nashville I prayed and prayed that she wouldn’t give up on her music.

I knew she’d want to live close to her family with a baby on the way. That makes perfect sense. And bless this son-in-law of mine that tolerates living one house over from his in-laws. You know that’s got to be tough some days!

But the two of them are magic on the stage. They are charismatic. They can make you laugh and make you cry all in 30 minutes just by sharing their talents. Yet the greatest thing about them- they are humble.

They count their blessings. And today, we get to finally celebrate the biggest blessing of their careers!! (Not the biggest blessing of their life- her name is Presley!)

It started 3 years ago really. Blondie and her beau formed a duo. We named it Treble Soul. They played all over Nashville, and then Blondie wanted to come home. So she moved back to Texas. Some people thought we should be disappointed, but the truth is, Texas has just as much music as Nashville, and holding my grand-baby every day is such a gift!

official logo (1)When they first got here, I sent them to Austin to find gigs. They came home with a business card that said “Tammy Miranda Music Production.”

“It must be a sign! My mother’s name is Tammy. My sister is Miranda. This is too weird!” I thought. Then Curt told me a bartender gave him the card and said “if you wanna play on 6th Street, this is the lady you need to know!”

So I called the number, and the first thing Tammy said after hello was “how’d you get this number?!”

Uh-oh… my heart jumped into my throat. But I forced it back down long enough to get the conversation rolling. Within a few minutes she agreed to a try-out, but she was a little nervous about their age. They were 18 and 19 at the time!

We went to the audition and Miranda loved them! TMMP started booking them immediately. There was one condition. I had to escort them to all the bars.

That first year I went to more bars than I had seen in my 38 years on this Earth! But Treble Soul started to build a reputation.

Then we hit a few hiccups. Blondie had to have emergency surgery during her pregnancy. She missed a lot of shows. But the venues loved them so much they let Curt play solo. Some of the bars had baby gifts stashed behind them!

Then some personal struggles came into play. Honestly TMMP could have parted ways with Treble Soul. But they didn’t. They encouraged the duo to get back on track. They booked new gigs, talked to bar owners on their behalf, and honestly their love and support kept the duo from falling flat.

Then one day a flyer was posted in our Gig News group. The same day one of their agents sent the flyer to us personally. “Another sign”, I said to myself! We couldn’t ignore the flyer twice!!

I sent an email to the producers of this new show. They wanted to do a documentary of Austin music, or so they said!

Turns out, the booking agent also sent a raving review of Treble Soul and they called us for an interview. By now Treble Soul was old enough to go to their shows without a “mommy / manager” but I went along that day.

I could tell the producers fell in love with this bubbly couple who named their baby after Elvis. I could also smell a hint of reality TV. But months went by, and we heard nothing.

So I sent a little tester email… “we’re just checking in to make sure you received our paperwork… blah, blah, blah.”

Really I just wanted to know if we were still in the running! I got a message back that everything was in the hands of the higher-ups.

Then Christmas Day my son-in-law mentioned that we never heard another word. I started to panic. Maybe it was my fault! I accidentally said they had 200 original songs! (I meant 200 songs all together, with covers and originals.) For kids that young to have that many songs, they’d have to write about everything that happened to them. “I went to the grocery store and bought some milk, la la ta da…”

I kid you not, two days later, we heard!

The producers wanted to film in early January. Wheels were turning. I knew something amazing was brewing. I just didn’t know how amazing it would all turn out.

When the trailer debuted last week, I couldn’t believe the support we started to get! All our family, friends, co-workers have been sharing the good news. No one has accused us of bragging. But Moms and Dads get to brag- we just do!

Life is hard. Being an artist is even harder. But when you see your kids succeed, it’s total bliss!

The only thing I’m worried about is making sure the thank you list is complete! We have so many people to be grateful to! Hannah’s grandparents have been an amazing part of this journey. They bought the first guitars, PA’s, and started the first club of groupies. They paid people to let her up on the stage and strut her stuff. They showed up at talent shows. And when Hannah went to Nashville to chase a dream, she chased a boy instead. When she brought that boy home, those grandparents made him part of the family from day one.

Now we have Aunts, Uncles and Cousins joining in to cheer them on. And we’ve had amazing people like Tammy Miranda and her entire staff standing behind us. They make sure we get the gigs, and that we get paid, and they fight for venues to give these two a chance. Some bars only want full bands, because they haven’t heard Treble Soul yet! But that’s a rant for another day!

Today we want to say thank you to ever single person who even likes us on Facebook.

In fact, if you don’t like us already, please like us now! Yes, I’m throwing out one of those shameless plugs! Follow Treble Soul on Facebook! Because we want you on our journey!!

Tonight, on CBS at 8/7 central, Undercover Boss will reveal exactly how things turned out.  Don’t miss it! You’ve heard about Blondie for so long, now’s your chance to see the real deal.


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  1. Tiffany, Yep, knew she was going to have her chance. she did,! hubby, baby and being on a reality TV show . And won an Awesome gift!! (not to mention 2 guitars that will stay in tune! LoL.) I Remember the first time I heard Hannah play was at Ryan Wheelz Schmidt’s DMD Fundraiser (a bar in Round Rock). You were sitting upfront at a table. I was midway back, really enjoying Hannah sing.!
    When she was in between a song I came up to you(Tiffany) and said “I want to be Hannah’s manager !” You told me you were her MOM & manager, I said “Well I can be Assistant Manager” LOL The rest is history!! I have seen them sing on 6th street and at fundraisers. on You tube, etc.
    I am so happy for them on their next adventure!! ❤
    Bonnie 🙂

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