So Wonderful

So Wonderful

My youngest daughter is almost 10 years old. Today she was helping my grandbaby with her morning routine. I listened as KK assisted Presley with washing her hair and brushing her teeth, and then the amazing part happened.

KK let Presley pick out her best Easter dress to wear for the day. Just a regular day. And why not?

We save all the finer things for those special occasions that may or may not come. Like my aunt said, “the dresses are outgrown before they’re worn out.”

We should definitely wear them out.

I posted this picture on Instagram and said “don’t save your best dress in the back of the closet; Every day it’s worth it to sparkle and shine.”

A few comments later, I thought about something Presley loves to say. She always dances into the room in a sparkly little dress. Then she spins around and shouts- “Momo, I’m wonderful!”

Of course, she truly is wonderful. I find myself hoping she always knows that. I pray the teenage years don’t replace her wonder with angst. I never want her to look in the mirror and count her flaws.

How amazing would this world be if everyone could see their talents, and their value?

If that were possible, how many addictions would disintegrate? Who would need to get drunk or high if they fully appreciated the person God created?

Not to get lost on the dark side… But at first I was thinking of all the little girls who start out singing and dancing and being wonderful only to morph into self-loathing girls who cut themselves or hide from the world because they feel unworthy. Then I realized, I’ve known a few boys that did the same thing.

In fact, two of those boys committed suicide. And it completely changed me. It left me desperate to understand why they didn’t know just how wonderful they both were.

I don’t think I’ll ever find the answers my soul seeks. But I know this. Every single day I look for something wonderful to say to each one of my kids.

I compliment the pink princess dress and the blonde Mohawk with the same enthusiasm. I high five my singer, my football player, my mechanic, my builder, my diva, my sensitive soul and my trend-setter as often as I can.

I want them to know they are so wonderful. No matter how old they get, I’ll keep on reminding my children and my grandchildren of their many gifts and talents. And hopefully I say it often and loud enough to drown out the doubts instilled by the rest of the world.

Maybe you can join me. So put on your favorite pink dress or your best suit and twirl around three times. Then look in the mirror and say it as loud as you can.

I’m so wonderful!


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  1. Once again, you have made me smile with tears in my eyes….. my first born has just graduated from University with First Class Honours (the highest honours at an English University), and he still worries that he is a failure, because he’s not got a long term partner (at 21!). The pressure on kids these days is awful.

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