Every Monday Matters

Every Monday Matters

I picked up this book at a thrift store somewhere- because I liked the title.

Every Monday Matters!

I’ve been meaning to read it, but I keep pushing it to the side. Today I finally opened it.

Basically, it’s a one page a week kind of book. And each page has a suggestion for making the world a better place.

I love the quote before week one. It’s a slice of wisdom from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Everyone has the power of greatness. Not for fame, but greatness. Because greatness is determined by service.”

It reminded me a lot of my step-mom. She’s always looking for opportunities to serve others. She takes the neighbors pie and mows yards for the older people up and down her street. She checks on people who aren’t feeling well. And she sometimes shows up when you don’t expect her, with a truck full of mulch and plants to fix up the yard.

When I think about it, every time I see her, she’s helping someone.

My daughter has that same quality. She’s 23 now, so her friends are all at the starting out stage. I’ve known her to cover a car payment or someone’s rent, with a cheery disposition. She’s happy to spread her blessings around.

Today’s Monday Matter says it’s time to make a list of what’s really important to me. Then I’m supposed to look for the places where I waste time that doesn’t accomplish my goals.

And one of my goals is to be of service again. I used to help my parents on the weekend or bake muffins for the lady next to our shop. I used to mow for the neighbors.

But life can be overwhelming. For me, I feel tugged in 20 directions. Football games, music gigs, dance recitals, parent teacher conferences, work, therapy, doctors appointments that never end… And I’ve let the busy-ness steal some of the joy I find in doing things for someone else.

So today, I’m gonna do one good deed that doesn’t benefit me in the least! I hope you’ll join me because life is short, and every Monday matters!

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  1. I like your attitude. Monday does matter. All days matter. I tend to get all wrapped up in my own life and forget about how much I truly enjoy putting a smile on people’s faces—whether it’s a crucial service event [like Room In The Inn], a random act of kindness, or even just smiling at a stranger. Time to get back to it.

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