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Dear Daughter: Here’s Why I Didn’t March For You

Dear Daughter: Here’s Why I Didn’t March For You

I love every word!

A Future Free

Dear daughter of mine,

You are so young and precious and innocent. You pass your days amidst sippy cups and Cheerios; amidst Minnie Mouse and your beloved dolls and toy kitchen.

But someday—sooner than I’d like—you’re going to grow up. And you’re probably going to hear a lot about something that’s happening right now.

You’ll learn about the unprecedented election of President Donald Trump, and you’ll learn about the thousands and thousands of women who came out to march all over the country in protest.

They were very loud. Some screamed; others gave speeches. Many carried big signs; others locked arms together. Some even wore “funny” outfits.

What were they upset about? I’ll tell you, sweet one.

They’re mad because we women don’t make as much money as men. They’re mad because we women don’t have full rights over our bodies. They’re mad because we women have to pay…

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Hurry Santa, before these cookies disappear! 


There are some things you have to supervise kids very closely with!  Fireworks, science experiments, painting, and COOKIES!  Trust me on this,  never ever leave the cookies unsupervised.

This year I have really tried to bring back some of the simpler joys of Christmas.  We’ve been decorating and making things and avoiding the hustle and bustle that inevitably tries to steal my joy every year, but I have a confession to make.   Read the rest of this entry

A Legend, A Bug, and a Disaster


The past month or so I have been doing some remodeling in my bedroom, which led me to decide I needed to declutter the entire house. You see, I’ve lived in this house for nearly 18 years. I haven’t moved from house to house so I haven’t dug out every closet and purged every cabinet the way a true Martha Stewart wannabe should. With Christmas around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to just do a major toss out.

Little did I know that one thing would lead to another and this project would take me nearly two months to complete. To make matters worse, one day my little grandbaby lost my cell phone just when the kitchen sink decided to leak and the dog chewed up a library book while I had made a pile of junk to get rid of in the front yard. I got really frustrated that day. I went into the laundry room, where the mountain lives, and tears started to pour out of my eyes. For a minute there I thought about quitting my job, but who would I give my letter of resignation to?

Dear washing machine, You’re on your own. Start if you want to, spin if you feel like it, rust for all I care… Read the rest of this entry

No More Shadow

No More Shadow

Seventeen years ago I was a young mama full of enthusiasm. We had just moved into our house and I absolutely hated it. It was so small, so bland but the landlord offered to sell it for a rock-bottom price and I had HGTV so we started making it our own for our little family. We had a bubbly little girl, a bundle-of-joy baby boy, and a black Labrador retriever that was never meant to be our dog and she’d just had a litter of puppies.

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We weren’t going to keep any of them. I swore it up and down as my little Dyl Pickle toddled through the hallway saying “puppy” for the first time. Then Blondie started getting attached to the runt. “But Mama, this one is so tiny…..” Read the rest of this entry

Daddy Didn’t Know


So apparently my husband had no idea that we give out teacher appreciation gifts! I’m not sure how he missed that. We’ve had kids in school for the past 16 years now. I used to do a Christmas gift, maybe a little something for their birthdays- but add that to the pile of “things I did when I had a few kids!” Now, I run a zoo, so it’s just once a year that I sit down and try to show my appreciation for the people who spend almost as much time with my kids as I do- and if you know my kids, you know these amazing people deserve some appreciation! Daddy should have realized that even if there wasn’t a tradition of teacher appreciation already in place, there would need to be some kind of recognition for the people who help tame our circus!

This year I thought it would be fun to make some edible arrangements. Every single time that commercial comes on, KK asks me if we can order one of those. I looked once- I was going to surprise her, and when I saw the price, let’s just say that fell off my to-do list. I thought “surely they couldn’t be that hard…”

My little ZooCrew was so excited to open the fridge this morning and see the creations they got to give their teachers! One teacher even emailed me a pic of her enjoying it!

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Call it Slop


A few months ago we were out of groceries. Again. Hey, these kids will eat you out of house and home. Literally. I used to cook those 3 course country kitchen kind of dinners every day- back when I had 3 kids. Now, I try to cook gigantic batches of food 3 times a week and hope they carry us through. (Thank goodness for pizza night.)

I used to like grocery shopping, but that too has changed over the years. I blame Wal-mart, but I’ll complain about that some other day. Needless to say, I’ve become a master at avoiding the store. So, I’m known for throwing a bunch of stuff in a pot and calling it dinner. Surprisingly those are my kids’ favorite nights! They don’t want fancy, they want hearty. Especially if I forget the “whole grain” stuff… Read the rest of this entry

Holy Moly, He stole a Harley!!


I’ve never reblogged one of my own posts before, but the grandbaby just learned how to escape through the doggy door, which reminded me of this, and I can’t believe the boy I was writing about now drives a Rumble Bee complete with girl by his side…

Life With Blondie

Funny how a picture can keep a story alive! Yesterday when I was finishing up the blog that was supposed to be a music memory but ended up a bad Monday tangent, I threw a few old pictures into a little collage and BAM! The funniest story came back to me. If my life were a newspaper, the heading that day would have been “Two Year Old Steals Harley, Mother Chases Him Naked”!!

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Things Change


Isn’t it funny how the things we once dreaded become the things we look forward to, and the things we once looked forward to become the things we dread?

For example, when I was 10 years old we lived with my grandparents for a short time. I remember getting all dressed up for church on Sunday mornings, and then we would come home, have lunch, and BOOM! It was NAPTIME! I couldn’t believe my mother went along with this enforced rest period my grandmother insisted on. My sisters and I would’ve to go to the Game Room and lay down on the sofa bed. Even if it lost the metal bar that hit us all mid-back and became the world’s most comfortable bed, I think I would’ve still laid there awake,  full of fidgety energy, complaining about the fact that I was clearly too old for a nap. Now, I sometimes look up at the clock- 2:30 in the afternoon- I tell myself “if you close your eyes right now, you can squeeze in an hour before the bell” and I force myself to take a little nap before school ends. Read the rest of this entry

I want to break up!!


Somehow Murphy’s Law has been stuck to me like glue lately. First it was the no good, awful, terrible, very bad weekend where everything that could go wrong did go wrong and then some, but then the weekend ended and I got through it and I moved on. Well, I hobbled along on my crutches through a whole other week.  You know the old adage that bad things happen in three’s? Well for me I think it’s happening in multiples of three… Read the rest of this entry