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All my kids have ADD or ADHD or OCD or ODD… if it’s got an acronym, we’ve probably got it somewhere in this household. It can make for some challenges. One thing we don’t have is a dull moment. EVER.

Last night in the minutes between football / dance / and cheer practice, I whipped up some Taco Salads to feed my crew. I doubled what I normally cook, which happens to be a lot, because I knew the night of practice would lead to extra hungry kids, and it’s been a while since we had any leftovers to grace the shelves of our refrigerator.

I love to cook three of four days of big meals, and then have an “eat whatever you can find” kind of night. I guess you might call that “Potluck”, but, when you have 5 hungry boys, you don’t always have anything left for Potluck night. Last night I was just about to put away the rest of the refried beans when my son Trenton said “Would you like me to clean out the pan of beans?” Read the rest of this entry


The Difference of a Day


As luck would have it, Springbreak was pretty dreary. It rained nearly every day. But I found myself memorized by the tree in my backyard. From my bedroom window I watched the birds playing on it’s bare branches. You know those little geeky guys with the binoculars and the long lenses staring up into the trees? Well, suddenly I could see why they spend their days staring up into those branches!

We have at least 50 birds hanging out in our backyard tree. There are blue jays and cardinals and doves. I love how the red cardinal looks so in large and in charge! Read the rest of this entry

Puppy Love Dies


I always try to use my blog as a way to find the silver linings in the clouds of life. I always try to look on the bright side. But there are times when I feel like no matter how deep I look, I can’t seem to find the bright side. Sometimes, you can put all of your effort, all of your focus, all of your resources, and all of your heart into something, and it might still fall apart… that’s just the way life goes.

Two years ago, right at Christmas, I wrote a post about my son’s beloved Boxer, Max, and how I seemed to have jinxed him with my sarcastic outburst. He’s been dead for nearly two years, and still my son reminds me that he’s lost his dog, and even though we live in a zoo with four dogs and two cats and some turtles and some fish and a few birds and a rabbit, life just wasn’t the same for Dylan without his dog.

Max Read the rest of this entry

Zoo Conditions Slightly Improved, More Supporters Needed!


Uncle Sam’s annual relief brought some much-needed upgrades recently at the Prestridge Zoo, but more work is desperately needed. While the Los Angeles Zoo boasts more than 80 acres at their disposal, the Prestridge Zoo humbly resides within 1,385 square feet. Plans to increase the zoo to just 1,560 square feet with a living space add-on of merely 120 sq. ft. have been put on hold because apparently concrete and roof shingles are no longer available at the local food bank.

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