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Going Back


Well it’s official. Summer is OVER! Today the weather will still be a scorching 100° outside, but the focus has shifted. Instead of getting ready for a picnic or a jump in the pool, we’ll be doing homework and heading out for football practice. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE summer vacation.

I love sleeping in a little later, planting flowers together, having lunch in the park, but let me tell you, having the ZooCrew home all day everyday is a lot of really hard work. My poor refrigerator actually posted it’s own “Thank You” note on the door this morning. It said “Have a great first day of school kids, I will enjoy keeping my doors closed for the next 8 hours.” My front door said “Omgoodness, I won’t be opened 14 times an hour today.” and the cold air added “I might actually be able to stay inside.” Meanwhile the washer and dryer were breathing huge sighs of relief. “They can’t change clothes ten times if they’re at school!”

Personally I’m going to miss the knock-down drag-out wars over whether we are watching Disney Jr or Gone in 60 Seconds. When I get in the car to run to Wal-Mart I won’t be sure how to handle the silence. I’ve grown accustomed to “It’s my turn in the front” or “I promise not to ask for anything if I can go with you” and “MOM! She stole my seatbelt!” Read the rest of this entry


The absolutely no good weekend….


Have you ever had the kind of weekend that made Monday look exciting? The kind of weekend where you wished you could just go to work and bury yourself in some filing or data entry or even emptying the trash cans? Anything to get out of the weekend….

Well, that is exactly what I have been through the past few days. It all started Friday. The Big Ugly Van is out of commission and all the backup vehicles my hubby keeps around here had one problem or another. Now, if you know my family, you know my husband has 5 or 6 cars at any one time. He goes from project to project. The choices might be ugly, but there’s always something to drive. But Friday was the exception. The Yukon is in the shop, the Big Ugly Van has a list of little problems such as broken windshield wipers and no AC, and the Nissan’s clutch doesn’t agree with my neuropathy, so I was without transportation.

That wouldn’t be so bad, but my kids love FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

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No Toast Today!


So life has gotten pretty busy here in the zoo. Sometimes I fall asleep writing a blog in my mind. IF I actually got all my ideas to my computer, I think the founder of WordPress himself would call me up and tell me “no more bandwidth for you!” Sadly, I don’t actually write all of the things that pop into my head. But I do text myself some of my ideas, just in case the illusive “spare time” creeps up on me!

Summers are manic for me. The kids are all home all day, which means they eat a lot more. I have to run to the store more because we’re forever running out of milk and cereal, and then they spill that cereal on their pants and her we go! I’m doing another load of laundry. I saw this picture on Facebook today, and I thought to myself, in this house, the choice is ALWAYS “RUN”!


Oh what I would give for my laundry room to look like that!! I’m on the search for a commercial sized triple load washer and dryer. I go to bed dreaming that if I could somehow upgrade to that, my life would become exponentially more enjoyable. What happened to my dreams of making out with “Zach” on Saved by the Bell? Now, I dream of appliances. I never knew my life would head in that direction! Read the rest of this entry

Just Hang in There


     Just hang in there. It’s what I tell my daughter when she calls from Tennessee, and she misses me. She misses the  noise of her little brothers and her little sister’s dirty clothes on the floor and the barking of too many dogs and the loud boom of her Daddy’s voice and complaining that there’s nothing good to eat and all the chaos that lives in our little zoo. But no matter what she says on days like that, I say “Just hang in there!”

Honestly, I think I’m saying it to myself too. Times are tough. I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat or Tea Party or Indepent or a Purple People Eater, the world seems to be falling apart and some of us are barely keeping our heads above water.

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Born Too Late


My husband was driving to work the other day when he called me about 30 times because he had sent me a picture. Not just any picture, a picture that made him think of me, and my blog. Uh-oh, he reads my blog? I guess I better stop making fun of him.

Of course when he was calling I was busy getting 7 kids off and going for the day. You’d think the big ones could handle it all on their own, but no, even the one in high school would never finish her English homework if good ole Mom didn’t make her “git r done”!  My mornings are so full of finding shoes and signing folders and double checking that faces are clean- it gets pretty crazy. By the time I made it back home I sat down in my chair and *sigh* the phone rang again. “Did you see it?” He was bubbling over. “Give me five minutes!” I hadn’t even fed the dogs yet! I finally opened my email to check out this picture that had him burning up my phone in the middle of my daily dose of chaos.

And what d’ya know? He was right! I absolutely love it. Read the rest of this entry

Come on down!


Today I am going to do my best to get this house cleaned up! It never does well over a weekend. Too many people, not enough square feet… but I wouldn’t trade the people so I just have to roll with the bajillion messes they leave behind. Last week one of my nephews stayed for a visit. I have 25 nieces/nephews! Isn’t that an amazing amount of kids?

I used to dream of being rich so that I could have a big fancy house and there could be one week every summer when they all came to see Aunt Tiff. Of course in this fantasy every one was potty trained and able to make their own sandwiches and we had a laundry lady. And a pool. No fantasy is complete without a pool. Somehow I never did quite make it to the big fancy house, or the week full of nieces and nephews, but a lot of them spend time with me.

So last week it was 8 kids in this house, and 8 kids on their very best behavior can be a bit much sometimes, so imagine 8 kids who aren’t all sunshine and roses all the time! It can get CrAzY! Friday I decided to take them to the movies. Can we just say EPIC FAIL?

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Toilet Markings



    So I have been raising kids for the last 16 years (which unfortunately does not make me an expert despite my sometimes delusional belief that I am)… Before that, well I was Aunt Tiff, and a babysitter, and a big sister, so you could say I’ve spent the last few decades surrounding myself with little ones. I’ve been a nanny, a PreK teacher, I’ve run a daycare out of my home, and I’ve been a foster mom as well… so when I say I THOUGHT I’d seen it all, well, I thought I had…

   Truth be told, I have had my share of meltdowns over the marks I thought would never come off… and can I just say from moms all around the world- Thank You Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for all your hard work! You’ve rescued more than one surface in my home from the marker holding hands of little ones. I’ve seen kids who wrote on rugs, walls, floors, cars, and even a motorcycle. But this is a first, and hopefully a last, I just caught a certain little 3 year old writing on the toilet, inside the toilet bowl, with a marker…. a permanent marker.  And she had a glue stick.  I’m not even sure I want to know what the plan for the glue stick was…

     Don’t you just love when you have all the school supplies laid out for the big back to school extravaganza and someone finds a creative way to celebrate!

  Toilet markings… what’s that they say about Art imitating Life?


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