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Impossible To Beat


Valentine’s Day really isn’t my favorite holiday, but I’ve said that before.  It just never lives up to those movie-made expectations. I’m always left feeling sort-of bah-humbug. But this year I didn’t have a bad Valentine’s Day…

I didn’t sit around and write 65 cards for my kids to pass out. I sort of hate that tradition because I know where those cards end up. I also didn’t spend 19 hours perfecting the most amazing Pinterest cupcakes ever. Because I also know exactly where those cupcakes wind up. Instead the ZooCrew requested “Fruit Rollup Valentine’s”… AHHHH! The best of both worlds! A cool valentine + a snack for the party rolled into one! I’m loving the Type B personality that has taken over my life. Simple AND impressive: that’s how I roll! (OK, that’s how I’m learning to roll. Better?)

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Things Change


Isn’t it funny how the things we once dreaded become the things we look forward to, and the things we once looked forward to become the things we dread?

For example, when I was 10 years old we lived with my grandparents for a short time. I remember getting all dressed up for church on Sunday mornings, and then we would come home, have lunch, and BOOM! It was NAPTIME! I couldn’t believe my mother went along with this enforced rest period my grandmother insisted on. My sisters and I would’ve to go to the Game Room and lay down on the sofa bed. Even if it lost the metal bar that hit us all mid-back and became the world’s most comfortable bed, I think I would’ve still laid there awake,  full of fidgety energy, complaining about the fact that I was clearly too old for a nap. Now, I sometimes look up at the clock- 2:30 in the afternoon- I tell myself “if you close your eyes right now, you can squeeze in an hour before the bell” and I force myself to take a little nap before school ends. Read the rest of this entry