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Swing Batter, Batter, UH-OH!


For the past decade I’ve spent every Spring (except for one) on the baseball field. I love to see my boys in their little uniforms- cleats, belts, baseball caps, chewing gum in the dugout, wearing the wrong socks…

When Dyl Pickles was little I took being a player’s mom very seriously! “Eye on the ball” I would shout, or “level swing” I would say.

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3 Legged Luck


So it’s midnight, and I’m folding clothes because, as usual, I am mountains behind on the laundry. I keep praying for the laundry fairy to show up and get it all done for me, but the only laundry fairy I can dream of is my sister, and she is facing her 16th brain surgery in two weeks, so I doubt she’s up for conquering my mountain. She does, however, iron so nicely…

Sometimes when I’m climbing the mountain of stinky smelly little boy clothes piled in my laundry room, I catch myself daydreaming about this commercial they had when I was a kid. I think it was ALL detergent, but the clothes flew through the house, into the washer, and came out clean! Why can’t my clothes take flight? I’d love that. Laundry is such my nemesis that the other day my mother posted this on Facebook: Read the rest of this entry

Missing in Action


So I realized the other day that my blog has been MIA. It’s not because I’ve lost my love for writing, and I don’t have writer’s block, it’s just that it’s summertime and while my blog might be missing in action, I’ve been buried under the commotion!

By the third week of summer we’d been to the emergency room five times! No, that’s not an exaggeration. First it was our baby girl’s big night, Dance Recital! Grandparents were in attendance, children were shuffled into the auditorium, and we all gathered to see Kailynn twist and twirl on stage. Of course, to see her dance meant we had to sit through dozens of dances, but that’s what being a little girl is all about!

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Bound to Happen


It was bound to happen! For nearly ten years I have returned every spring to the same spot, where the same corner of earth welcomes me to watch the well beaten paths created by little boys in cleets. I have lost a windshield to a homerun there. I’ve been hit in the stomach by a foul ball that left a deep purple bruise that hung out with me for weeks. I’ve witnessed home runs and victories and the moment when the game was lost by 1 point, which for the record is the worst kind of defeat! However, in all my years of being a baseball mom, I have never left the Little League field en route to the emergency room, until last night!

That’s not to say I’m not a member of the ER Frequent Flyer Club, because indeed, I’ve had my share of visits. My dad used to joke that he was going to reserve me my own department in the ER. (Those jokes backfired, just a little….) And although my kids aren’t quite the train wreck I was, they’ve made the trip a few times. I once got a call that Blondie had fallen off the steps by the gym and had likely fractured a bone. Which bone? Oh yeah, it was her tailbone. (The zoo crew still jokes that Blondie broke her booty!) She ate it up that she got to spend the rest of the school year sitting on her baby-brother’s Boppy pillow (it was the closest thing I could find around the house that compared to a doughnut). Another time the athletic trainer called to say my son was immobile on the football field. I got to drive my Yukon right onto the field, which made me the hero to the seventh grade boys athletics class and ticked the maintenance man off so bad he still looks at me funny.

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