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It’s been one year…


I was just staring at my Facebook page, thinking how glad I am to have my internet up and running, wondering ‘what could I post today?’ when suddenly it occurred to me, it’s our Adopt-iversary! Exactly one year ago today we stood in front of a judge and he said that we were officially a family!

Our first family vacation!

Our first family vacation!

I can’t lie, it’s not all sunshine and roses! There are moments when everyone is crying and I have no idea why or how to get even one of them to stop. There are times when the big boys are beating up the little boys just for the thrill of seeing someone try to hide under the bed. The biggest challenge has got to be pure logistics! We used to be spontaneous! We would jump in the car, pop up and visit old friends, take a spur-of-the-moment road-trip, and just spend our days with no plans! Read the rest of this entry


I’m a Little Pothead


We have become so integrated in this house, caught up in the daily grind, and sometimes I forget that we came from different paths. I don’t sit around thinking about the fact that the little ones I adopted have been through some serious things in their little lifetimes. But the second I’m sure we’ve all crossed over into NORMAL, something always happens that reminds me of just how normal we’re not. The other day my adventures came from a little girl singing “I”m a little Pothead, I’m a pothead, I’m a pothead” over and over again. Read the rest of this entry

Somebody send a snow plow…


To say this week has been chaotic would not even do it justice. In fact, I wrote one post about my week and it was so long, I just cut half on it out for a whole other post, so this is chaos of the week part one!  I just cracked open my computer for the first time in a few days and a blogger friend had written a comment to me that said “You know that old saying, cleaning the house when your kids are small is like shoveling the sidewalk while it’s still snowing.” Finally, a saying that actually sums it up!  That’s exactly what it feels like I am constantly doing, shoveling the sidewalk while the snow is pouring down. I washed all the clothes, 17 loads, took a pic of the empty laundry room as proof for the hubby and 20 minutes later 4 loads were on the floor in there. Could this snow storm please slow down before I declare this a blizzard?

Of course Hubby doesn’t see just how much I get snowed on, but maybe because he’s in the woods somewhere. Last weekend hunting season got its official start for the year, so of course he went off on his big trip, and he took our oldest son. My son was thrilled, and I am thankful his dad does that kind of stuff with him. In fact, at one point I got a call from the woods. It was all whispers. “Mom, I shot a deer, right between the eyes.” His first solo expedition, with the gun his grandpa gave him, his first shot, and he was dead on. I was torn between proud of him and grossed out, but grossed out won when he brought home the head to show me. I’m thinking eventually, this could work for me. Since we have 5 boys, I’m thinking as they get older more and more of them will head off on the annual hunting trip and someday, even though its very far away, someday I will have weekends of calm when hunting season comes.

Read the rest of this entry

The Play-Date, Part 1


The last day of Springbreak I answered my phone, which I rarely do to unknown numbers, but I made an exception since it was obviously a local call. The voice on the other end said “Hello, my name is “Bashful Betty” and my son is in Tucker’s class. Tucker gave out his number because he wanted the boys to get together for a play-date.” Now, I’m pretty sure Tucker has never used, or even heard the word play-date, but I’m game. (Later he told me he gives his phone number to everyone in case anyone wants to come play Xbox 360, and by play, he means watch him complete the levels…)

“Perfect timing! He can come on over!” It was a rare day, where Blondie (who by the way was ecstatic to be back in Texas) and Pickles were at a rodeo carnival.  I dropped the little ones off at nursery school- I was conquering Mt. Stinky Clothes while working on my unfinished kitchen remodel by using a blow torch to get the old tile off the floor, so a playmate for Tucker was the perfect gift! Or so I thought…

She called again and offered for the boys to play at her house, but we already had one playmate here, so I figured it was better for the new friend to just be dropped off. I had just cranked up the blow torch again, when the phone rang, yet again. She offered to bring Mc Donalds. Could I get any luckier? Not only would I not have to work on lunch, but I even had the $10 in my purse to pay my fair share! This day was definitely looking up. She arrived at the front door, and I made my way to my car to fetch the $10 to reimburse her (she was a bit shocked that the boys here have outgrown Happy Meals and go straight for the Big Mac!) while she made her way to the dining room table, with not one, but three kids in tow!

I was immediately filled with angst, I mean Mt. Stinky Clothes had become Mt. Fresh Pile to Fold all over the couch! The kitchen sported a contractor size trash bag right in the middle of the floor that I was slowly filling up with items I had decided to discard and remnants of what once was the tile on my floor. I could feel the knots twisting inside my stomach, and then my inner voice reasoned with me. “Of course she has to stay a few minutes, she doesn’t know you like most of the other parents do. She’s just making sure you’re not Andrea Yates.” I forget sometimes that I don’t know everyone around here. Blondie’s in 11th grade, and I’ve served many years as a mix of PTO President / Substitute Teacher so I know most of the kids around here. A lot of Tucker’s friends are the younger siblings of Pickles’ friends, who are siblings of Blondie’s friends, and so on… We’ve been there, done this, and yet I forgot that Play-date usually includes the mothers! What was I thinking?? Read the rest of this entry