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A Hallmark Moment


Last night my husband had the foresight to ask Blondie and her Beau if they would do a little babysitting so he could take me out for a Valentine’s date, a day early. I don’t know why, I got those teenager bubbles in my stomach. I had a new red dress hanging in the closet, so Blondie and I made a voyage to buy new shoes, a few accessories, and for the first time all week, I broke out the good mascara. I even bought him a Hallmark! Read the rest of this entry


Some People Should Not Own a Cell Phone!


I don’t know how many times I have endured my husband’s endless ridicule over the amount of time I spend with my cell phone. He’ll say I spend forever on the phone, but he won’t admit that 90% of the phone calls I receive come from him. Instead of using the Google button on his own phone, he will call me to look up the number to O’reilly.

Considering that he’s a car guy, and he fixes cars every day, you would think he would save such a number, but no, he has called me for it so many times that it is forever burned into my memory. In fact, its 446-3425, just in case you were wondering. He will call me because he’s lost his keys, lost his tools, forgot to call someone else, or because his phone is going dead. That one is my favorite. I get 5 or 6 calls a day because  his battery is quickly draining and he wants to know why cell phones don’t hold a charge like they used to.

I’ll tell you why they don’t hold a charge, and it’s not because the batteries are crappy. In fact, batteries have come a long way. You might be thinking it has to do with the amount of power running all those apps and the internet typically drains, but I’m gonna suggest that UNLIMITED PLANS are to blame. There was a time when I had to check our minutes daily, tell him when he was getting close to an overage, point out how many texts he was sending and that the dimes were adding up quickly. There was a time when he had to regulate his usage. Then Sprint rolled out an unlimited plan like none other, and from there on, his battery has never been the same!

Read the rest of this entry

Weekends are War


Everyone I know LIVES for the weekend.  It’s always the same. Monday: URGH!! Tuesday: Acceptance that the weekend has passed. Wednesday: Celebration of hump day! Half way there… Thursday: Sigh of relief, ending in sight, just one more day! Then there it is, FRIDAY! Oh the beloved Friday….

Shopping, clubbing, barbecuing, remodeling, yard work, garage saling, antiquing, rearranging, football watching, birthday party hosting and just plain ole hanging out… it all happens on the weekend. People roll up their sleeves and run to Home Depot, lose themselves for hours in the mall, catch a movie, get their hair done, and have all their fun in the small break between weeks.

From Monday til Thursday plans are stitched together just to make the most out of every single weekend. Everyone walks around on cloud 9 when Friday brings the commencement of such plans. Not me, I mean, I am a weekend warrior, but I live for Mondays!   Read the rest of this entry