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All my kids have ADD or ADHD or OCD or ODD… if it’s got an acronym, we’ve probably got it somewhere in this household. It can make for some challenges. One thing we don’t have is a dull moment. EVER.

Last night in the minutes between football / dance / and cheer practice, I whipped up some Taco Salads to feed my crew. I doubled what I normally cook, which happens to be a lot, because I knew the night of practice would lead to extra hungry kids, and it’s been a while since we had any leftovers to grace the shelves of our refrigerator.

I love to cook three of four days of big meals, and then have an “eat whatever you can find” kind of night. I guess you might call that “Potluck”, but, when you have 5 hungry boys, you don’t always have anything left for Potluck night. Last night I was just about to put away the rest of the refried beans when my son Trenton said “Would you like me to clean out the pan of beans?” Read the rest of this entry


Bill Clinton is OLD!


As usual life in the zoo keeps on moving at chaotic speeds. So many times something funny happens and I say “I should write a whole blog about that,” but before I can even log in I’m up and patching skinned knees again.

For example, last night in the kitchen I said something to my daughter and she said “You sounded very Marilyn Monroe-ish” so I broke into my imitation of Marilyn singing “Happy Birthday Mr. President” with all the appropriate breathy phrasing and my daughter looked at me and said; “that was a long time ago, wasn’t it? Who’d she sing that for? Bill Clinton??” Yes, Blondie, Bill Clinton is old, but he’s not THAT old (smh)!

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