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Naughty or Nice? (Parent-Teacher Conference Day)


Is it too early to start telling our kids whether they’re on the Naughty or Nice lists? Surely not since Wal-mart has the nerve to already have a digital sign by the door counting down til Christmas. I walked in the other day and it said 68 days… what? Don’t tell me that! Ugh. Just let me know when I’m down to one paycheck I can blow in a last ditch effort to make some magic.

I do like that website “Portable North Pole“… you can tell your kids that they’re on the Naughty list, and boy does that make for some fun! There’s nothing nearly as amusing as watching children try to redeem themselves. Santa will even send them birthday wishes to keep them on track, gotta love those reminders! Which is why I told them Parent-Teacher conferences were for seeing who goes on the Naughty list!! Read the rest of this entry