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It’s Just A Car, Baby Girl


Do you ever have those moments where something your parents said rings out in a moment you’re having with your children? Well, it happens to me. I find myself sounding like my mom or my dad and thinking “how did I let this happen?”

This week, two separate instances reminded me of one of the scariest moments of my teenage life.

CutlassI was driving to my step-dad’s company picnic in the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme recently passed down to me.

My little sister was in the car with me.

We spotted a young mother, walking with a baby on her hip. It was so hot outside.  If I remember correctly, she was pulling another young child by the hand and she had a gallon of milk. She just looked over-whelmed. Read the rest of this entry


An Early Spring


This is Texas, so we’ve already had spring sprinkled all through our winter. It was 80 degrees yesterday. The week of Christmas my butterfly plant bloomed again. We have definitely not been holed-up with cans of Campbell’s soup to warm us after a snowball fight. Down here in Texas we know Spring will be here soon, so Punxsutawney Phil didn’t give us any surprises, but I’m sure for some of our neighbors to the north, news of an early Spring is the buzz around town.

I kind of like Groundhog’s Day. It’s one of the few holidays yet to be destroyed by commercialism. No one is expecting cards or gifts or candy-filled eggs. And even though the Hallmark channel hasn’t dedicated months to groundhog cinema, there is indeed one funny movie to celebrate with. Too bad it’s not on Netflix- I’d stream it for the kiddos and make them a Groundhog’s Day feast.


Nothing to sell here folks! Just a groundhog going for a drive…

I think I just had a genius idea! Maybe we should celebrate Groundhog’s Day. Blondie can break out the karaoke, we’ll have Dyl Pickles build us a bonfire, we can play Slap Jack on the living room floor… this might be a plan brewing… Read the rest of this entry

Pray it Again


Last night I was digging around on my desk. That’s a pretty scary endeavor, my desk is known to hide all sorts of things. I’ve tried to organize it, to clean it off, but the clutter just finds it’s way back shortly after I find my way to the wood grain. Even my mother tried to clean my desk once. She was really upset about the chaotic mess piled around my monitor, but then I sent her this:

CleanDeskShe never really said anything else about my desk…. (Sorry my dear Democrats, I still love you….)

Anyway, I was digging around for a spiral and I picked up a turqoise notebook and I noticed the label on the bottom had my maiden name printed on it! Woah, this must be old! So I opened it, and I had only written on a handful of pages, but what I had written were my prayers.

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For the 11th Time….


Well folks, it happened! I turned thirty-something for the very last time. April the 9th, the day that made me who I am. Seriously, so much of me has been entwined in the particular day on which I was born. I was expected in May, but that would have made me a Taurus. Not that I’m all hung up on Astrology, but I am slightly entertained by it. I could never be a Taurus because they are practical and they like regularity. I was meant to be an Aries…. the Ram is fiery, bossy, determined, and, well, they can’t be wrong. Yeah, that’s more me. Always right! (Or so I think….) Read the rest of this entry

Bonus Mom


“BONUS MOM.” That’s what my step-sister has always called my mom.  I never gave it much thought really but today I’m thinking I really like that way of looking at it.

I’m one of those people with a family tree so tangled you could know me ten years and all not have it figured out but basically I have 5 sisters. I have two “real” sisters, two step-sisters from my dad’s house and one from my mom’s house. Yep, pretty much all girls.

As a child I wasn’t too happy that my parents were divorced.  I was even more unhappy that they entertained thoughts of get remarried.  It’s hard to believe how long ago that was.

What can I say, it was the 80s!

What can I say, it was the 80s!

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