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So Wonderful

So Wonderful

My youngest daughter is almost 10 years old. Today she was helping my grandbaby with her morning routine. I listened as KK assisted Presley with washing her hair and brushing her teeth, and then the amazing part happened.

KK let Presley pick out her best Easter dress to wear for the day. Just a regular day. And why not?

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Silver Linings


The other day I was thinking a lot about perspective, and I decided the best way to deal with all the challenges I’m facing is to try to constantly shift my perspective.  Sometimes I feel like I have the worst luck ever! Last week I was texting one of my closest friends about all the things going on right now, and she said “if I didn’t know you personally, all of this would seem like an exaggeration!” It made me laugh, because when I thought about it, my life does sound pretty well-imagined if you break it down into bullet points. Read the rest of this entry

Fresh cookies!


The other day I picked my son up from school, and he had the biggest smile on his face! “Momma, today was my lucky day!” He was so happy, I had to ask: “Oh yeah, what made it so lucky?”

“I found two cookies on the floor!” Uh-oh, I was scared of the answer to my next question, because I knew what it was gonna be, but I asked anyway. “Did you eat them???”

“Momma, they were FRESH COOKIES!”

It made me realize life is all about perspective. If I were to see fresh cookies on the floor, I don’t think I would be filled with excitement. In fact, I know I would be storming down the hallway in search of the munchkin who is leaving cookies on the floor!

Maybe sometimes we just have to challenge ourselves to see things in a different light. Read the rest of this entry