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Rain, Rain, It’s Ok


I always hear people complaining about the rain. Not me. I love rainy days. I like it when the house is kind of dim and the steady pitter-patter of rainfall seems to render the children just a little quieter. I don’t mind the occasional rain-out of the ball-game or telling the teenager: “You’re staying off the roads tonight!” I like to snuggle up, watch movies and peek outside at the lightning. Last year the thunder still scared the bejeebers out of my old dog and send her squealing and crying, but now that’s she’s nearly blind and mostly deaf, old Macy handles storms like a trooper.

My favorite thing about a rainy night just might be the hazy morning after. This morning I sat on my porch, bewildered that my little hummingbirds have already returned. I watched them dashing back and forth from feeder to feeder.

Morning walk 027-2

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All my kids have ADD or ADHD or OCD or ODD… if it’s got an acronym, we’ve probably got it somewhere in this household. It can make for some challenges. One thing we don’t have is a dull moment. EVER.

Last night in the minutes between football / dance / and cheer practice, I whipped up some Taco Salads to feed my crew. I doubled what I normally cook, which happens to be a lot, because I knew the night of practice would lead to extra hungry kids, and it’s been a while since we had any leftovers to grace the shelves of our refrigerator.

I love to cook three of four days of big meals, and then have an “eat whatever you can find” kind of night. I guess you might call that “Potluck”, but, when you have 5 hungry boys, you don’t always have anything left for Potluck night. Last night I was just about to put away the rest of the refried beans when my son Trenton said “Would you like me to clean out the pan of beans?” Read the rest of this entry

Fresh cookies!


The other day I picked my son up from school, and he had the biggest smile on his face! “Momma, today was my lucky day!” He was so happy, I had to ask: “Oh yeah, what made it so lucky?”

“I found two cookies on the floor!” Uh-oh, I was scared of the answer to my next question, because I knew what it was gonna be, but I asked anyway. “Did you eat them???”

“Momma, they were FRESH COOKIES!”

It made me realize life is all about perspective. If I were to see fresh cookies on the floor, I don’t think I would be filled with excitement. In fact, I know I would be storming down the hallway in search of the munchkin who is leaving cookies on the floor!

Maybe sometimes we just have to challenge ourselves to see things in a different light. Read the rest of this entry

Leave the Light On


As we are nearing the adoption finish line, I got this crazy idea in my head that we should take a family vacation. I thought it would be awesome to reward my kids for the many sacrifices they made. I wanted to show the little ones that they are part of this madness, forever! There’s no turning back now, and even though I get a whole lot of “omg, really?” out of my teenagers, I was thinking this is truly a cause for celebration! We’ve been down a long road, and finally, the light at the end of the tunnel is shining through. I know what you’re wondering… “WHAT were you thinking?  A road trip, with 7 kids??”

I’m not really scared of spending days in the car with lots of people. That I can do. I know how to pack crayons and PSP’s, zip-lock bags full of Chex Mix and M&M’s. And I’ve got my 50 states license plate game ready to go! What’s starting to scare me is that I think I’m over budget and we haven’t even packed our bags yet. Is it way too tacky to put up a sign that says “Prestridge Zoo Now Accepting Vacation Donations?!”

Maybe I should take a picture of my kids at the end of the day, when their hair is all messy and their faces are dirty- they look pretty much homeless by 5:30pm most days! Then I could glue it to a few coffee cans and spread our vacation fund around town.

OR, maybe I could follow the kids around with the video camera until I catch them doing something goofy enough to go viral on YouTube. I hear that whole “Charlie bit me” video has already paid for some private school tuition and is still stashing the cash away. My kids bite. Heck, even the dogs are scared of them!

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