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Going Back


Well it’s official. Summer is OVER! Today the weather will still be a scorching 100° outside, but the focus has shifted. Instead of getting ready for a picnic or a jump in the pool, we’ll be doing homework and heading out for football practice. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE summer vacation.

I love sleeping in a little later, planting flowers together, having lunch in the park, but let me tell you, having the ZooCrew home all day everyday is a lot of really hard work. My poor refrigerator actually posted it’s own “Thank You” note on the door this morning. It said “Have a great first day of school kids, I will enjoy keeping my doors closed for the next 8 hours.” My front door said “Omgoodness, I won’t be opened 14 times an hour today.” and the cold air added “I might actually be able to stay inside.” Meanwhile the washer and dryer were breathing huge sighs of relief. “They can’t change clothes ten times if they’re at school!”

Personally I’m going to miss the knock-down drag-out wars over whether we are watching Disney Jr or Gone in 60 Seconds. When I get in the car to run to Wal-Mart I won’t be sure how to handle the silence. I’ve grown accustomed to “It’s my turn in the front” or “I promise not to ask for anything if I can go with you” and “MOM! She stole my seatbelt!” Read the rest of this entry


(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Goose Egg!




No Good Deeds


Yesterday I thought I would do my husband a favor and run down to the clinic, pick up his prescription and drop it at the pharmacy. I had just picked up the kids from school, and we headed downtown. It’s rare that I pick up the kids all myself, but Blondie was home sick, so I did the rounds, gathered the kiddos and headed off to do my errands for the afternoon.

Of course the prescription wasn’t ready, I couldn’t get it, thanks to privacy laws I couldn’t even speak to the nurse about it, and as I left the clinic, I was quickly reminded that no good deed goes unpunished! I turned from Main Street to the highway and was immediately stopped by the boys in blue.

Why? Because my inspection sticker had expired, in December. Do you think he gave me a warning? No. Of course not. The exact same cop chased me down in September when my registration went out, I’m thinking his eyeballs are either drawn to my bright red Yukon, or he has it out for me. Oh wait, it can’t be the Yukon, cuz this guy also once stopped me for what he called a crack in the tail light of hubby’s truck. It wasn’t even a crack, it was a scratch that made white light shine through a pin hole. Apparently white light on the tail light is a no-no. That wasn’t a warning either….  The worst part of this, I have given up my speed demon ways, at least when in town! So these aren’t even moving violations.

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