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Blondie Strikes Again


Blondie and her geography, or lack there of, often bring me a great deal of amusement. There was that one time she thought we needed passports to drive to Oklahoma.  Then there was the time that she couldn’t understand that London was part of England.  After that I sent her this joke, thinking for sure she’d get it… but NO!


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Hey Yu


Dear Yu,

I know we’ve had our ups and downs, but to be honest, I thought we had moved past them. I thought we were through the bad times. I didn’t expect perfection, I didn’t think every single day would run smoothly, but I thought for sure, we’d hit all the major road blocks.

Have I been perfect? No… I know, I let feet crawl all over you. Sometimes I left papers scattered everywhere. Once in a while you had to deal with a child who peed their pants, but what about all the good things I’ve done? Read the rest of this entry

Change of plan…


I’m interrupting the regularly scheduled hunky dory vacation reflections I thought would occupy my blog for at least another week to throw in this little rant about the government. More specifically, I am talking about the morons in New York City who feel like their biggest challenge is to get us to step away from the Big Gulp.

What? Are you kidding me? This is what our lawmakers find worthy of their time and attention? First and foremost I’d like to know just how many tax dollars are being wasted in the debate of this so called issue? Second, I thought that was already in the Bill of Rights… I know it says something about the right to speak freely, to bare arms, to determine your own pursuit of happiness, and the restriction is suppose to lie in where you impede on someone else’s freedoms, not how full you fill your soda cup. Do people need to fill their bodies with 64 oz of ice cold Coca-Cola? No! Does the government have any right to tell them not to? NO!

What’s next, are senators gonna start dropping by on Tuesdays to make sure you’re having steamed broccoli at dinner? Read the rest of this entry

So far, so good!


So we headed out at 3am Saturday morning and by lunchtime we had made our way to Little Rock, Arkansas! I was looking for somewhere good to stop and have a picnic lunch when Google suggested I check out “The Old Mill”.

The old mill wasn’t originally in that particular place, it was moved there, but it is the same mill that is spotted in the opening scenes of “Gone With the Wind.” My husband swears he’s watched the movie, but somehow I am having a hard time believing that. Especially since when I told him “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn,” he didn’t seem to get it…

It turned out to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever had had a picnic at! I took about 200 photos. In fact, in less than two days I have already taken over 800 pictures!

My kids get pretty annoyed with my constant need to snap away, but I know what’s gonna happen, they’re gonna all grown up and move away and I am gonna spend my days thumbing through those gash darned scrapbooks and then I’ll be able to call them up and say “Hey, remember that time we…..” So I am not apologizing for making them say cheese 964 times. I am just taking the necessary steps to ensure plenty of entertainment at the 2035 Family Reunion.

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Trying to pack!


We are twelve hours to departure for our big road trip and I’m trying to pack. It’s not going so well. I gave up on my idea of a last-minute garage sale to pad our trip fund because last night I just didn’t get as far as I had planned to on my terrible to-do list. Even though we cleaned out 7 closets and had tons of stuff to part with, I just didn’t have it organized near enough. I was a little busy last night having a birthday party for Double Trouble! The twins turned 5! They aren’t toddlers anymore… it’s so weird. The babies aren’t really babies, but that’s a good thing! (As long as they’re still little enough to get in FREE everywhere!)

Double Trouble, turning 5, ready for a Sugar High!!

So this morning I decided to skip the garage sale and hit the to-do list. First I had to clean out the fridge, no one wants to come home to a science experiment brewing. Then I went to Wal-mart. You know how I love Wal-Mart. (I have a whole category of blogs dedicated to the sickening corporation, feel free to read them all in your spare time! And by spare time, I meant by next Tuesday.) We thought we’d save money by having a few picnic lunches along the way. I started out with a relatively short list, but this is what I left with: Read the rest of this entry

Leave the Light On


As we are nearing the adoption finish line, I got this crazy idea in my head that we should take a family vacation. I thought it would be awesome to reward my kids for the many sacrifices they made. I wanted to show the little ones that they are part of this madness, forever! There’s no turning back now, and even though I get a whole lot of “omg, really?” out of my teenagers, I was thinking this is truly a cause for celebration! We’ve been down a long road, and finally, the light at the end of the tunnel is shining through. I know what you’re wondering… “WHAT were you thinking?  A road trip, with 7 kids??”

I’m not really scared of spending days in the car with lots of people. That I can do. I know how to pack crayons and PSP’s, zip-lock bags full of Chex Mix and M&M’s. And I’ve got my 50 states license plate game ready to go! What’s starting to scare me is that I think I’m over budget and we haven’t even packed our bags yet. Is it way too tacky to put up a sign that says “Prestridge Zoo Now Accepting Vacation Donations?!”

Maybe I should take a picture of my kids at the end of the day, when their hair is all messy and their faces are dirty- they look pretty much homeless by 5:30pm most days! Then I could glue it to a few coffee cans and spread our vacation fund around town.

OR, maybe I could follow the kids around with the video camera until I catch them doing something goofy enough to go viral on YouTube. I hear that whole “Charlie bit me” video has already paid for some private school tuition and is still stashing the cash away. My kids bite. Heck, even the dogs are scared of them!

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