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Do the Happy Dance


I did it! I survived the summer! I know, some of you moms are weeping in your Frosted Flakes this morning as your little ones made their first journeys to kindergarten. Some of you are just sad that summer and all your extra time together has come to an end. I have been both of you, but today I’m the mom I never thought I’d be. I’m the mom that shouted “Hallelujah” at the Silence of the Zoo!

Don’t get me wrong, I love lazy days and lemonade and picnics by the pool, but with these kids at home, the grocery bill is somewhere around $500 a week, and I think a whopping $50 of that is just toilet paper, so YES! Enjoy them Tigerland. I will pick them up at 3pm. Read the rest of this entry


Save the Last Dance for Me!


It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a “Monday Music Moment”. I really thought I was going to have so much more time this year for writing down all the magical moments, but it’s going so fast, I hope I am at least getting them all committed to my memory!

Last week was most definitely the hardest moment of my life as a mother. We hit that boiling point as mom vs. teenage daughter that all my friends have assured me is perfectly normal. She said some things, I said some things, it wasn’t pretty and at the end of it, we had to do a little redefining. But there was this one moment where I knew, without a doubt, that we were gonna survive it. She sent me a message that said “Mom, I don’t wanna mess up our relationship, you’re my best friend.”

I know, Moms aren’t supposed to be friends, but a mother-daugther relationship has a special element of friendship that just grows along with the daughter. The older she gets, the more you become that person she confides in, the person she takes her stories to, and more than anything in this world I didn’t wanna lose that either.

It just so happened that all of the drama occurred at the beginning of what was to be a very busy week. It was her last trip to contest as a “Golden Girl”. Her first year on the dance team, she wanted me to chaperone the trip, but knowing she might need to bond with the girls more, I told her that I would be sure to be the chaperone her senior year. At the time, it seemed like forever would pass before my turn would come, but it flew by and Friday we loaded the buses for a trip to San Antonio.

We had a lot of fun. She had a few blonde moments, like when I asked how she could walk in her extra high heels. She said “Mom, I can multi-task!” I said “how is walking in heels multi-tasking?” She said “duh, walking AND talking!” She was complete serious too! We got to do a little fancy dining, some shopping, and then a whole lot of waiting. At a dance competition like that, you sit a few hours for every 4 minutes you get to see your daughter perform! We got there around 7am and we were there til 9 that night, and she performed about 5 times, but it was worth every second.

Luckily there were some good moms to visit with, because my booty was sore from spending most of the day in that blue plastic chair. We had a few laughs when I noticed that our front row seats gave us an up close and personal view of many girls who forgot to shave their armpits (not our team, of course). Someone should add that to the dancer’s checklist they always have before contest.

Tights, check.
Jazz shoes, check.

Costumes, check.
Music, check.
Armpits, SHAVED!

I didn’t cry all day long, but once they settled in for the awards ceremony, I felt the “it’s the last time…” emotions starting to crank up. As the Major of the team, she was the one who got to jump up and accept their trophies. Every time she stood up, I felt a lump in my throat. And then it happened, the last trophy was awarded. The gym floor was covered with screaming teenage girls. I made my way to her team, just as the seniors broke into tears, hugging each other, crying together, and that’s when it hit me, she really is going to be gone soon and all these little power struggles we have right now will seem so ridiculous.


I’m glad I picked her senior year to go with her on that trip. I think I will treasure those moments for many decades to come. She’s no longer the freshman who forgot to smile at her first pep rally! She was the leader of the pack, and every day I am amazed at the beautiful young lady she is. This week we learned some really important lessons. We had to forgive one another, we had to accept each other’s imperfections, we had to negotiate a new way of doing things, but at the end of the biggest fire storm we ever faced together, we still had each other.

On the bus ride home, for a moment, she put her fingers in my hair like she always did when she was a little girl. I sat there thinking that I gotta keep working on letting go more, but all I wanted to do was hold on to her, forever!


Only 12 Days Left!


Holy moly, it just hit me! There are only 12 days of summer left. I must admit, when I was a young mom, I used to get really sad at the idea of my kids going back to school. I wanted to keep them home as long as I possibly could. Now, on behalf of the grocery bill, I’d like to say “The countdown has begun!”

This is gonna be a hard year. Prepare yourself now, there will be lots of sappy blogs sent into the bloggosphere! There are going to be milestones all over the place. Blondie is hitting the SENIOR YEAR! She’s got big plans for this one. Just typing that sentence has goosebumps going up and down my arm. She’s planning to move to Nashville after graduation, and the thing about that kid is that once she gets her head wrapped around an idea, she runs with it. I fully expect we will be making a big drive to Tennessee next summer.

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Major Things are Happening


Life with Blondie is definitely picking up the pace. It’s moving so fast I’m scared if I blink I will miss something majorly important! We are preparing to embark upon the SENIOR YEAR! I’m not ready for this, and yet, she’s so ready for this!

Remember the binder? The one she spent a good thirty hours on at the end of Spring-break, the one she was making for Officer Try-outs? Well, it turned out that all her hard work paid off. Not only did I hear that it was one of the best binders completed in years, but she made officer! Not just officer, but head officer, SOOO Blondie will spend her Senior year as the Major of the Golden Girls Drill Team! The try-outs were on a Friday night, and the results were supposed to be posted at 10pm. Just as she was headed to go look at the list, someone called her and told her the news. I kid you not, she jumped for joy a mile high like one of those people who finally got their check from Ed McMahon!

After a week of sitting in a dance studio with her every night, counting 8 counts over and over, helping her learn choreography, and watching her dance until her body was completely worn out, collapsing to the polished wood floor, I got to witness the screaming smile that made every moment worth it!

I’m beyond proud of her. I keep asking myself: “Is this the same girl who couldn’t remember to smile and do a high kick?” (Her freshman year, she could do one, or the other, but rarely both together!) Now she’s gonna prance on that football field, dance her booty off, while they announce her name every week as the leader of the pack! For a Texas girl, it’s quite the achievement to become such an important part of those Friday night lights! It gives me chills. Not just because she’s my daughter, not just because I watched her set a goal and accomplish it, but because she almost gave it up. For me.

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Back To Reality!


I can’t believe Spring Break came and went so quickly. It seems like I haven’t even had a chance to take a breath, much less a break, but I survived, and even managed to scrape up a few new stories to tell.  The night before Blondie left, she offered to babysit so Daddy and I could go on a date. Let’s just say it was an EPIC FAIL! We managed to grab a burger, but never made it out dancing. It was rainy, and Daddy didn’t want Blondie up too late, so we drove around the block, and then decided to grab an ice cream. We ordered 2 dipped cones at Dairy Queen, but when the speaker said “that’ll be $6.85, Hubby promptly backed out of the drive thru and headed to McDonald’s. Now, I’m not a fan of McDonald’s, but 2 Sundae’s were only $2.35, so they clearly won us over. At that price, we could have grabbed a little something for the kiddos, but this was supposed to be date night.

Date night is something new to us, I don’t think we ever really dated. We went from saying hello in the Wal-Mart parking lot to living together 4 days later, so we’ll have to work on this. Did I mention that the very next day Hubby ventured out on his own and he ends up on the personal guest list of Billy Gibbons, spending YET ANOTHER NIGHT hanging with the rich and famous while I tend to the zoo? He always has this kind of crazy dumb luck, just never when I’m around. If it weren’t for picture mail, I’m not sure I’d even believe it!

Sean with his personal VIP pass...

A few cool cats: Billy Gibbons, Eric Johnson, Jamey Johnson

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